Official Battlefield 1 StratsCO Clan | PS4



Welcome to the Official Battlefield 1 Clan page for PS4

I will be leading the Battlefield 1 Strats for PS4. What to expect:

  • Daily events with rotation to keep everyone motivated.
  • Weekly fun video from all the members.
  • A healthy environment.
  • Never Play Alone!.
  • More to come…

How do I get invited to the clan?

  • In order to be part of the StratsCo Battlefield 1, you must have a forum account, as well as post an > introduction on the forums. Once this is done, message @xploz1on on forums or in PSN to get an invite and we will make sure we try and invite. (This is a placeholder until DICE provides more info about the clan system)
  • For now, we all can use a Strats BF1 PS4 Community. This way we don’t have to add friend with everyone. We should be able to join games from within the community. This will require we try and use it and reply to requests (WIP Idea).

BF1 Strats community on PS4.

Welcome to Battlefield 1!

I have made some simple PSN Cover backgrounds

All the images are good to use as PSN profile background picture.

All cover Images are here

Only on Battlefield StratsCO moments videos –>> HERE <<–

Add the StratsCO BF1 Emblem to your gallery
StratsCO Battlefield Emblem

###Looking for other Strategists on PSN?
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Hello new here looking for bf1 clan ps4
Hello from England
Hi there from South Africa
Hello from Southern USA!
Hello from California USA
Introduction to Strats
Hi from USA, Wisconsin
Hello from USA!
New here - Here for the Battlefield! (PS4)
Ps4 fps Introduction
Harro....from Canada
Hello from Ireland
Greetings from LA
Hello from Poland
Ps4 and pc gamer. Add me. Let's Go Pro
Hello from Canada
Looking for PS4 bf1 clan
New! add for battlefield 1 pubstomp
Hello from USA, introducing myself

Sign me up! I’m really looking forward to BF1.


Sign me up…


Sign me up. Let me know if you need someone to help lead it.


Preorder is already in; the waiting commences :wink:


I’m still considering this one, it’s looking good though.


Awesome. I would take @Dynamible’s offer to help, he knows how to manage clans like this.

I’ll start putting some recruiting efforts out there.


what about BF1 on PC?:triumph:


I don’t recall offhand (and am currently mobile, so easy checking is out of the question) if you can have a clan that spans multiple platforms. Hell, are they even using the same system or are there updates that have been made?


The clan/squad system is being reworked. Last info i read was that they will be killing the stupid battlelog browser and implementing pretty much everything in game and keeping battlelog just for logs, emblem edit and so on.

@Bradum Meet my friend, another :pc: hahaha


You had me until here. I’ve been told I’m too toxic. Apparently I’m not fun to play against when I’m in a Heavy Tank.


Yeah, ill see if i can squeeze you in :stuck_out_tongue:


Terry knows…


Excited to play! Tried to DM you. New to the forum so haven’t figured that out yet!


lol…I enjoyed it for sure…I’ve also been told I swear like a sailor…


Sign me up


Hey everyone!

I will be updating later tonight or tomorrow some new info about the plans. For sure i will create the PS4 Community today and start accepting everyone who meet the requirement to join. We are 1 month (less for those who pre-order) again from having lots of fun!

//xploz1on out!


Did the invites get sent out for the PS4 community?


Not yet, i am preparing a good update for everyone. Working on a nice BF1 Strats profile picture and everything. A bit slow but it is coming. Destiny grind has me hooked for a few more days only :wink:


Working on something like this for PSN profile background picture


I am always open to ideas, suggestions. If you guys got something in mind just let me know. I wish i could edit the profile from PC but since the image is stored in the console… Want to test matching a avatar haha.


Uploaded a few Cover images here, on the first post :wink:

If anyone has a request or wants a modification let me know. Enjoy :wink: