Official Battlefield 1 StratsCO Clan | PS4



Hot damn those are sexy. Updating my psn profile tonight with one of these.


I made a mistake with some of the covers. Text and whatnot should be on top so the profile overlay does not get on top of the text. Will post new pictures soon.


Here are the fixed pictures, @ducksauce88 there is a special one for you lol


@WizzleMizzle Here ya go


@xploz1on Thanks buddy!! Looks good!


Those look great!


Everyone!!! Start preloading Battlefield 1!!!

I created the BF1 Strats community on PS4.

Says Open Beta until the game unlocks

The reason why its a Closed Community is to ensure we all have a better and organized communication.

I already have organized a plan for events and guides for completing the 5 medals for each week.

Go ahead and apply to the Community soldier!


Where’s the one I made you?


Fine, i will ask…


You’re the worst… Made me scroll back for DAYS on Discord…



Shitposting done right :wink:


Idk about those physics int that bf1 there man. Anyway, perfect photshop job. you should charge people.


I think he is using Mafia 3 engine


Time to boot up my PS4!


Is there any beta before release on PS4?


Beta was a long time ago. There is people playing on ps4 right now, full game.


more letters


Using VPN and setting it to Australia or new Zealand. Works for PC no problem. Don’t know about ps4.


Wasn’t there an edition that you could buy that got you online a few days earlier too?