Official Battlefield 1 StratsCO Clan | PS4



The official launch of BF1 is Friday the 21st. In order to play tomorrow the 18th you have to pay the extra 20 bucks for the Deluxe edition.


I have early enlisters edition so I start tomorrow! Is there anyone else who will start? Do we have group invites yet?

Also excuse me but how do I get the images above to a PS4?


So far @WizzleMizzle confirmed me he will be on tonight for early enlister launch. I’ll be on. Don’t forget to join the PS4 community.

Easy way to get images on PS4 is to brow this forum, open imagen and screenshot it.


I’ve got the early enlisters edition as well for PS4, but I won’t be around until tomorrow, I expect.


@Auth PS4? WHAT!!! This will be a first for me… I don’t think I’ve ever gamed with you before…


I played GTA 5 and Destiny on PS4 back in the day, just haven’t been doing much with it of late; my seething hatred of Origin has kept me on PS4 since BF4’s release for all things Battlefield (hell, I wouldn’t have had BF3 on PC expect I was guilted into playing it when @stHeretic bought it for me ;)).


What is the PS4 Community called?

Edit: I found it in the thread. thanks

  • I should be on for Early Enlister tonight depending on how long it take for the install.


awe shit. it’s about to be lit son. I think thats how the kids say it these days.


For those who will play BF1 on PC, @Miguera Is taking over to coordinate everything on PC. He should have a new post in the new few hours with details.

Overall we are still waiting for the CLAN system update.

Also, the Phone app has been update and for those who rather use web browser here is the link:

See you on the battlefield.


I joined and I’m an early enlister but doesn’t look like anyone in the group is active yet!

I’ll be here waiting for you all in no man’s land (WWI Reference ;))


Just a reminder to everyone on PS4

Join the Strats PSN BF1 Community, simply search for Battlefield 1 - StratsCO

That way you can always join an ongoing Party and have some fun!

See you all in the battlefield :wink:

Hello from Malaysia
Hello from London

Can we make a super cool Strats emblem?


Working on it. Trying to find the site that let you share emblems.


It is done, but it looks like I can’t permanently link to it (the link I made previously goes to something completely different now). Hit me up here or on Discord when you’re ready to get it and I’ll try to spread it around as best as I can until we figure out a more permanent solution.

As a test, this should be the Strats emblem, but I’m not sure if it will stay as such. Let me know, one way or the other please.

Confirmed, totally doesn’t work for an extended time. Hit me up on Discord or PM me here and I’ll send you a link. Once you have it in your gallery, you can then spread it to other Strategists; together, we can make sure everyone gets it :wink:


I would like to join. I like playing bf1 on ps4. My tag is Thickness2784


Hello @Jamestylermills
Sure you can join, small requirement is to post an introduction here


Changelog for Battlefield 1 update:

Medals did reset today
Logged in today and noticed the medals finally reset.

Remember that the best way to play with us is to join the Stratsco BF1 PS4 Community. I will make a party using the community feature so everyone gets notified that there is an ongoing party. Easy to join!

How to join the StratsCO PS4 Community.

Adding me to PSN works too PSN: xploz1on
I can help get us all in same party too.

See you in the battlefield soldier!


Everyone, it is time!!!

Start sharing those Only on Battlefield moments!! –>> HERE <<–


Just so ya know, any battlepacks earned from now onwards are revision 2 packs.


Holy shit, how are we supposed to have gotten everything in Revision 1?! I hope in the future they recycle some of the previous skins into subsequent Revisions or it’s going to be damn-near impossible.