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I guess by having my luck? I got everything from Rev 1 lol

My battlepack drop rate:


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StratsCO Battlefield Emblem

Props to @Auth for making the emblem. That link should be permanent :wink:


@xploz1on OP, plz nerf.



I got nearly everything, it’d just be nice to have had more time to get the rest. I mean, I played a fair bit since release; I know there are plenty of folks who didn’t get to play as much that missed out on far more than I did.



I will be making an event on the PSN Community for tonight at 8pm EST.

Strat-tical Operations Our first Event for Friday 28 and Saturday 29

  • Squad leader will rotate after each match.
  • Squad Leader picks the game type.
  • Everyone must follow the Squad Leader Orders. (Class, objectives, etc.)
  • Have fun!

Let’s have some fun tonight Soldiers!


NOOOO…! I missed the event


Do not despair there will be more to come. Besides freaking EA server were having problems the past weekend.


Yup, Saturday they were down all evening QQ


For those who missed it. Welcome to Strats BF1 Video is back up.


Hey people!

I have been AFK from the Battlefields since last Friday due to hardware failure. Internet modem died thanks to a power shutdown. I might be back within the next 48 hours to kick some ass!

See you all in the battlefields!

rip 9 days


I AM BACK! Since 2 days ago…

In case you missed it…

Strats members online everyday. Yesterday we had 2 squads going against each other. It was a lot of fun and yeah, no need to ask. My Squad never lost a game, right @WizzleMizzle?


New phone, who dis?

In all seriousness, I need to find the time to get back in BF1 gear! Y’all need a scrub to keep your skill level down in the trenches…


Is everyone ready for TOMORROW FRIDAY EVENT!??

How about Strats VS Strats??

Keep an eye on the PS4 community! :wink:


Any idea around what time?


Starting from 9pm EST.

I forgot to add the event last night in the community :frowning: Hopefully we will have lots of player tonight.


I was traveling for the holidays! Missed yet another event!


You didnt miss the event as there was none. I was still busy with IRL stuff.

I will plan something for this friday.



It is time… So far all i have to say is a big THANK YOU to everyone who joined the amazing Battlefield 1 community.

Starting this weekend, yes starting this weekend FRIDAY 2nd December until sunday with everyone’s help, we will be playing




I have announced this in the PSN Strats Community… It will be follow with an event were you can sign up!!!

So do please sign up for the event and lets make this happen… We currently have lots of players active playing BF1.


Nice. Lets get the hammers poppin gentlemen.