Official Battlefield 1 StratsCO Clan | PS4



Can we stream it? Isn’t there a spectator mode?


Will be online tonight around 7pm Central time. Hope to see some people online!


Seems to be -


I can stream it. I might be a bit late. Definitely 8pm though I’ll be there.


I will be a little later have to pick someone up at the airport @ 815ish ET


How did it go gentlemen? Unfortuneatly i had to go out of town last minute for the family but im hoping you guys had a blast. Im hopin to be around for the next one.


Im looking to join your clan I’m 19 and my psn is Lumper39er I’m having troubles navigating bc I only have an iPad to work off of


Its here soldiers!!!


So i got the game finally…who wants to teach an old scrub how to play? lol


Come out Friday for shooty-bang-bang Strats v. Strats shenanigans!

Pro tip from one scrub to another: put the crosshairs on the thing you want dead, then squeeze R2 until it or you die :wink:


Nice. The more the merrier. So fridays the day huh?..sign me up gentlemen…


Yeah, folks are playing every night, but @xploz1on tries to get maximum participation on Fridays, and we’re always well beyond 1-2 squads, so we inevitably get to scrimmage against each other :wink:


Friday night…check
cross hairs on the man…check
R2 until dead…check!


for sure. I been playin with a couple of the fellas but id like to play with the majority of the psn strats company. I just didnt realize fridays the meet day. But you guys will see me on…


I’ve been MIA for a couple weeks closing out the semester, but I’ll be back around now; just wrapped my final final a few hours ago :wink:


Congrats! Bet your glad thats over with lol


How to get in touch with everyone? I made a introduction, joined the community, posted a message with: ‘‘who wants to play’’ But no reply… is there anyone I can just add?


try adding as many as you can, starting with me lol psn Yeshi95


you can visit this thread:

it lists all of our PSN id’s for you too add at your convenience :slight_smile:


IRackem92. Add me.
Ps. If you add a couple of us you will end up meeting most of us through parties and matches.