Official Destiny Hype Thread!



Well guardians 3 more days until the release of one of THE most anticipated games in recent years. So I have but one question to ask. What are you most hyped for? It can be anything from the epic encounters that you will face in the Vault of Glass, to the most mundane of actions like dancing in the tower like the sexy Guardian you are!

Me personally I cannot wait to spend hours perfecting my Exo Hunter down to the finest detail, followed by taking my sweet time exploring Earth, Venus and Mars, conquering every strike with you guys looking for a sweet sniper rifle and scout rifle to achieve the ultimate head shot! Then once that’s all done i’m most hyped for gearing for the Vault of Glass, achieving the necessary equipment to face the challenges that lay before us, and to look fabulous at the same time! Then and only then we use our superior teamwork and coordination to finish The Vault, normal and hard mode, and reap the treasures that lay within it. Then we do it all over again with a different class! Finally after doing that twice we can go show off our skills and loot while we wait for the DLC and our next raid. And that is what i’m most hyped for. Now your turn!


The hype is too real…



I’m most hyped for those moments in the game when the fire team is totally gelling, and just stomping on the AI or other players in the crucible. I’m also interested quite a bit in the story line, typically I’m not a story person, but with all the open loops Bungie set up in the Alpha and Beta in terms of lore and mythology, I’m hooked.


I’m stoked outta my mind to finally have what appears to be a truly open world environment for the consoles. That alone has gotten me excited. Everything else is just supremely sweet icing on the already off the charts cake that is Destiny. Also, I love exploring and finding new gear and weapons and it’s awesome that our personal characters will be represented in the Crucible. Just sitting here, wasting time, until Monday night.


Is anyone calling off or setting up vacation time to play this game? :wink:


Yep I took off Tues and Weds. Ordered a bunch of supplies from amazon, even bought a new controller. I just hope the game isn’t down for too long at launch.



Got the 9th off. I will be there from midnight on Monday to Wednesday :slight_smile:


I swear I’m losing my mind here ugh…these next 2 days are going to feel like forever. I’m just hoping that Bungie is merciful and will allow a semi early launch…instead at 3AM for those us on the East Coast. :smile:


@srkuse82 I hear you. I’m debating if I want to nap and wake up at 3AM. I’m killing time by cleaning, laundry, tying up loose ends at work, making sure I work out, and scouring the internet for any interesting nugget of information. Next two days are going to be rough!


1 Day 12 Hours and 30 some minutes remaining! UGH! Yeah I better get my ducks in a row too before the ball drops.

#13 just in-case anyone wanted to know the exact amount of time left!