Official Strats Ambassadors for various streaming accounts


I’ve been doing some work over on the official Facebook page along with a few super helpful content creators. It got me thinking that we have a lot of potential on our YouTube and Twitch channels, too. Maybe there are others.

The problem is that it’s difficult to manage all of these at once and get content flowing.

So here’s what I was thinking…

Strats Ambassadors!

Basically, this is a trusted leader who could look over the page or channel, keep it updated, give it content love, recruit contributors, etc.



I like the idea. I’ve been working with a couple Strategists this summer on our Twitch team (and by working I mean we hashed a bunch of stuff out, they did what I needed of them, and I owe them stuff I still haven’t gotten to them; sorry @lyteforce and @Klutzy_dragon :sweat:), and I don’t see why we couldn’t look at taking it further with Twitch and YouTube as well if we had interested peeps.


I personally like the idea myself.


Love the idea! Sorry I haven’t been too active lately. I started college course and moved to a new place… life is chaos right now. Even my stream has majorly slowed down.
@Auth you owe me something? O.o I’ll have to take your word for that lol. I just want to see our Twitch team be the best it can be and represent us well. After hearing about someone spouting racist garbage, I stopped auto-hosting the team out of concern for my reputation. Have we done the weeding we needed to do?


I like this idea. Like, a lot.


We should do a full weeding, then.


It’s already underway; I’ll have it finished by next week at the latest.