Official Strats.Co Tabletop Game Interest Thread


ALRIGHT KIDS, semi-professional DM here with a question for the Strats community:

Ya’ll wanna roll some dice?

DMing tabletop games has become my passion over the last couple of years, as it gives me a chance to flex all the things I went to school for (thank you, otherwise-useless-liberal-arts-degree.)

I’d like to run a game for Strats!

This would be a casual, lighthearted game that involved three to four short, two hour sessions over the course of a single “arc” to test the waters. I’d have spots for up to five players for this opening game, which would be scheduled according to who’s available when.

The set up reads thus:

You’re in a tavern. Of course you’re in a tavern; it’s where anyone who isn’t in their element ends up, because a good drink is an element common to most people. You are, in all likelihood, out of your element, because you’re in a smallish trading post-nee-fishing village called Koi. The village is at the foot of the Gaius Cliffs, along a strand of coastline mostly made of sand and other, even smaller fishing villages. Koi rests near the mouth of the only safe path up the cliffside, so by dint of its location it’s become a popular trading spot for people who want seafood, pearls, and other bounties of the deep.

The bartender is a staunch fellow with a thick, dark head of hair and a full beard. He’s nice enough, refilling your drinks at your request, but otherwise he seems unhurried to engage in conversation.

It is at this point that the comfortable little scene quite literally comes apart.

The awful, cracking groan of a roof coming free from the structure beneath it dwarfs all other sound for an agonizing instant before a huge green maw pokes its way into the newly created opening. Acrid smoke billows from its nostrils; scaly lips pull back to reveal rows upon rows of gleaming teeth. Just beyond, two huge yellow eyes narrow into an analyzing, cunning stare before widening again.

‘Oh!’ says the dragon, its voice rumbling through the halved tavern. ‘Adventurers! Just who I was looking for.’

We’ll be using basic rules from to create characters both to keep things simple for newbies and to keep things controllable for the DM. A couple of things to keep in mind if you’re interested:

  • This is going to be a lighthearted, silly game run over Discord using Roll20. You’re not remotely required to bring a character voice, or even necessarily roleplay more than you’re comfortable with - simply telling me what your character does and/or says instead of acting it out is completely fine.

  • Typically I’m not a stickler for attendance to games but since this is such a short, focused thing, you’ll miss a lot if you miss a session. That’s not say you’re kicked out or that there’s any major consequence beyond that - it’s literally just that you’d miss a large chunk of the story. If this grows to a bigger game, that won’t be as much of an issue.

Adventures will be recorded in story form and posted in this thread for everyone to see what havoc you wreak.

Shoot me a message on here, bug me in the Strats discord (I’m Chez Dispenser) or post in this thread if you’d like to try this out with me!


2 words:
I’m in.

More words:
Any particular days/times you have in mind?


I have evenings during the week open from 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. CST except for Tuesdays, and evenings past 4:00 CST open on Saturdays. (Sundays already have games goin’.)

In a perfect world, Saturday would be our best bet, but I’m absolutely open to trying elsewise.


Someone should stream it to the stratsco twitch channel.


I was thinking that too, I’ll stream it if chez doesn’t want to do it himself


When you’ve finalized the date and details, please make a post in the #events category. :+1:


Yes, I very much want to. Times, however, might be a bit tricky for me since my work schedule tends to be all over the place plus I’m in GMT+1, but I could call some favors if need be (I really don’t care if sessions are 3am over here if next day I have afternoons). I’ll let you guys settle on a time and confirm accordingly.


I’d love to join in.
I’m available after 6:30pm CST Mon thru Thur and have Fridays and Saturdays free. Can only do mornings on Sunday though.


So that’s three - and it sounds like maybe Saturday evening might be our best bet?


Bumping this thread as a “last call” for the first session


i would love to play but im not really familiar with much of any of the D&d rules, though i did play one hell of a paladin in Pathfinder though. but my days that i would be able to join are on Sunday evenings and Monday evenings where i can give full attention


I am so late to this but I definitely would want to play!


Curious what others are thinking for characters.
I’m currently leaning towards monk or maybe cleric but am fairly open, probably dwarven race no matter what lol.
@Artorias do you want us to have characters premade on DnDBeyond?


@ghosthog I made a bard.


Sorry if I missed this, but what day/time is the inaugural session?


OKAY SO, work came up and I hadn’t gotten a chance to put stuff together. We’ll be using this link:

My thought for the inaugural session is sometime next Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, as befits people’s schedules. Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evenings post 5:30 p.m. CST are acceptable slots as well.


Now that you have a date, Post in #events


Saturday’s great. Can’t do Sunday but can make the others after 6pm CST.
Also, that link doesn’t work for me, if need our Beyond info, I’m Ghosthog on there too.


There is something called an invite link that you send from dndbeyond. The link posted redirects to our individual campaigns


In which Chez reveals himself to be a perishing neophyte!