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It is with much regret that I admit @senNish was the first one to propose this idea a couple months ago; I do not like encouraging him, but I’m prepared to bite the bullet: it’s not a completely-terrible idea :wink:

First and foremost, this is not intended as a replacement for the forums, but we acknowledge that there are times when having access to chat-style communications servers both a purpose and is more effective/efficient than a traditional forum. Until recently, we’ve wanted to (and asked you lot to) wait until we had proper forum integration for a service available, but we also see there is a very real desire for this feature and, frankly, waiting isn’t something we should expect y’all to do until such time as we can squeeze it into a dev cycle; this has come up a few times and we do listen :wink:

There are a few reasons we decided to go with Discord over other options:

As @Vocino has previously stated, Discord is basically Slack for gamers.

Slack was one of the proposed method of chat interaction, and for good reason: it’s remarkably good for chat. Discord sports an almost-identical interface and system, but is tailored more towards gamers. This will allow for chat-style interaction on mobile, browser, and desktop for those who wish to participate.

Discord has potential for Strats’ expansion

Specifically, it supports voice coms. That said, while it can do voice coms, we will not be utilizing this functionality until they finish making their official API and we can integrate it with our servers to pull trust levels; we’re going to disable this feature for the time being. Strats presently has a Mumble server (which works on desktop or mobile) that does everything we want the way we want it to. In the future, we may replace our Mumble server with Discord, but not until such time as we know we can authenticate it through our database.


There are 3 permission levels on our Discord server: Regulars, Moderators, and everyone else.

  • Strats Regulars are empowered to help maintain some semblance of order. If things are getting out of hand, they will be there to help address it. This appointment is based on forum trust level; all Strats: Forums members who are considered Regulars will bear the same title in Discord.

  • Strats Moderators possess very-nearly all permissions available in Discord. They, along with the Regulars, will help keep things running smoothly. They are also able to adjust user permission levels; either myself or one of the Moderators will have to grant you permissions in order to use our Discord server at this time. This appointment will come from me and be based on forum trust level.*

*Everyone not in one of the two permission groups above are the basic users; they can chat and direct message one another. The overwhelming-majority of users will fall under this category. Just because you possess the same trust level here on the forums as an Enforcer or Moderator does not mean you will automatically be granted the same permissions. I will make these appointments sparingly based on a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) forum trust level and Discord population. There are reasons for this that will hopefully be rectified in the future once a proper API is released.

I ask and encourage you to use the same user name on Discord as you do here to alleviate confusion until such time as we’re able to further-integrate it with our servers (soontm, according to their website). I would also ask that content that’s well-suited to the forums be posted to Strats: Forum for consumption by a wider audience. This doesn’t mean post an entire transcript of Discord chat, but if someone comes up with an awesome event idea or drops a worthwhile link, mirror it over here so everyone can enjoy it!

The same rules/guidelines for the forums apply for Discord. To join, simply click the image at the top of the thread or this line of text. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to address them in the comments or by messaging me :wink:


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I’ve added this to the new user PM.


Bump for new people, join us. I’ll be changing the header to reflect soon.


Either the app,phone or link is not working or i just cant figure discord out. Discord: iRackem #1759


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