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Do you love PC gaming, specifically EA games? Are you looking for more folks with Origin accounts to rule the battlefield, race at blazing speeds, or otherwise game with? Throw your username in here and hit it with other Strategists! This is a wiki post (you can edit it, click the green edit icon in the upper right corner). If you don’t have permission to edit this, feel free to reply and I’ll get it added (don’t freak out if I delete your comment after we get you on the big list :wink:

Please use the following formula:

Origin Username:

Strats: Ausylon
Origin Username: Ausylon

Strats: PreshusKitty
Origin Username: PreshusKitty

Strats: Droul
Orgin Username: Droul01

Strats: epyon415
Origin Username: epyon415

Strats: daveseah
Origin Username: PorkchopChang

Strats: Miguera
Origin Username: MigueraV

Strats: Dream5z
Origin Username: Dream5z

Strats: Bradum
Origin Username: Bradum

Strats: Major_PayneX
Origin Username: Major_PayneX

Strats: Kellock93
Origin Username: Kellock93

Strats: Dadspicable
Origin Username: Dadspicable

Strats: raceforthegrave
Origin Username: raceforthegrave

Strats: General_Slappy
Origin Username: SSG_Slappy

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