Official Strats Uplay Name Listing



Are you trying to take back New York, assassinate a bunch of people in the past, slaughter demons, or otherwise experience the awesomeness of Ubisoft titles with more people? Would you like to get some fellow Strategists in on the fun? Then drop that username and find some company! This is a wiki post (you can edit it, click the green edit icon in the upper right corner). If you don’t have permission to edit this, feel free to reply and I’ll get it added (don’t freak out if I delete your comment after we get you on the big list :wink:

Please use the following formula:

Uplay Name:

Strats: Auth
Uplay Name: AuthAeros

Strats: Ausylon
Uplay Name: Ausylon

Strats: PreshusKitty
Uplay Name: PreshusKitty

Strats: Droul
Uplay: Droul01

Strats: Dadspicable
Uplay: Dadspikable

Strats: epyon415
Uplay: epyon415

Strats: daveseah
Uplay Name: nutmoon

Strats: Skullflower
Uplay Name: PopeSkullflower

Strats Official Platform Username Lists
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