Official Strats XBL Gamertag Listing


Is your console oddly numbered, but you love it all the same? Do you want to smash face with other console Strategists on your preferred Microsoft-made platform? Drop your XBL Gamertag in here and make some friends! This is a wiki post (you can edit it, click the green edit icon in the upper right corner). If you don’t have permission to edit this, feel free to reply and I’ll get it added (don’t freak out if I delete your comment after we get you on the big list :wink:

Please use the following formula:

XBL Gamertag:

Strats: Ausylon
XBL Gamertag: Ausylon

Strats: epyon415
XBL: epyon415

Strats: Lyteforce
XBL Gamertag: lyteforce cdn

Strats: Drummen42
XBL Gamertag: The Wanderer88

Strats: Vocino
XBL Gamertag: v0c1n0

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