Official #teamstrats New Streamer Kit


Breaking into streaming can be challenging. When you consider all the artwork and assets that one needs to look professional, it can be down right overwhelming.

@Vocino has put together this nice package of art assets that you can use to brighten up your Twitch stream and sport the #teamstrats colors.

You do not have to use these, they are offer to help those who need it.



I don’t stream, but I’m tempted to put that up on my page for the one follower I have.


Looking very snazzy! Thank you for putting this together @Vocino :slight_smile:


well done. good work


Thank you soooo much @Vocino just what ive been needing…you rock bro!!


Added a “BRB” image for an OBS scene.


Thanks for the post, Tommy, and thank you for sharing the work, Vocino. :slight_smile: It’s much appreciated.

New stuff looks good too.


Great Work @Wheatums! I started a new thread for the user created Art Assests.

I moved a post to a new topic: User Created Stats Artwork and Assets


I now have three (3) followers.

If there was ever a need for these assets, the time is now.