Official Twitch Team Signup [Outdated]

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Team Strats on Twitch

Sign Up

Do you stream on twitch? Simply reply here with your twitch username and you will receive an email from twitch (to the email you have set up with them). At this point it’s open enrollment. There’s a possibility that may change in the future as we evaluate how to use this team for the powers of good (and evil).

Note: You do not have to enable revenue sharing. Your channel remains completely separate.

Add Strats Panel

Here’s a panel you can add to your Twitch channel if you choose to. Upload the above and link it to this url (copy the URL, it has parameters). No description is necessary but feel free to add one if you prefer.

Add #TeamStrats Overlay

Here’s the official #teamstrats overlay for use on OBS or Elgato, etc. It can be sized and positioned to your liking and is optional (but you’ll be super awesome if you use it).

The text is white so it can’t be seen well on the forum. Here’s how it looks on my stream:

Team Benefits

  • Added exposure for your stream
  • More statistics and metrics available
  • Be one of the cool kids
  • Participate in the other cool shit I think of later

Future Plans

  • Show team streams on the landing page.

  • Display notice on the forum when anyone from the team is currently live.


sign me up:

i haven’t streamed very regularly in the past, but i have messed with it enough to know how to get started and i’ve always wanted to start a nightly streaming thing (or almost nightly - when my wife isn’t hogging my attention).

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Will this include every stream I participate in?

Also to all streamers I strongly recommend this, very useful :smile:

You’ll be listed on the page and whenever you stream your video will be up there. Essentially, it’s a way for everyone to share in the marketing efforts of the thing.


My twitch stream is;
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Seems like the invites are slightly bugged. Some people aren’t getting them. I would ask everyone to double check what email address you have set in your Twitch profile. 

Thas my stream if you guys are still letting more sign up! Once school has calmed down I’ll be streaming more often :smile:


This sounds fun, I’ll be excited to try it out.

Just one question…

X Split Gamecaster or Open Broadcast?

I’m using OBS…but I am by no means an expert on the subject.

Added you.

xsplit isn’t free. i used it for a few years and it’s ok, but it does cost money. OBS basically does the same thing and it’s free.


Good to go, are you still using OBS? Or is there anything else out there that is freeware but might be better?

I use OBS.

EDIT: If you have a good Nvidia card, another decent option is ShadowPlay which is great for not hurting your framerate but isn’t supported by all games and isn’t as feature-rich as OBS.

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OBS all the way

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what game are we playing tonight? i’ve been trying to start a regular schedule of streaming (which is most weeknights from 7pm-11pm est) but i’m having trouble getting a group of people in the same game. I totally got sucked into PS2 but then everyone disappeared. i’d love to get something streaming tonight, maybe we can get some other stream team members going too.

also, i’m thinking of putting together a guide to using OBS and setting up a twitch stream to maybe recruit some more stream team members. I guess if there’s no gaming going on tonight, i can start on the guide. maybe i’ll just record a little video tutorial instead of a complex post with screenshots and stuff.

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