Official Twitch Team Signup


Team Strats on Twitch

Introduction Requirements

All members of Team Strats must post an Introduction to Strats: Forum

Follower Requirements

Applicants must meet one of these 3 requirements:

  1. Have a minimum of 300 followers
  2. Have a minimum of 150 followers and be considered a Member
  3. Be a Strats Regular

##Team Strats members must have a #teamstrats panel

Upload the above image and link it to this url:

No description is necessary but you are free to add one if you like.

##Your stream needs to conform to our community standards
Most-notably, “because our goal is a non-toxic gaming culture, we do insist on a zero tolerance policy on sexism, racism, homophobia, and other types of discrimination.” An official warning may be issued if you’re found in violation of this guidance; repeat offenses may result in your removal from the team.

Add #TeamStrats Overlay (optional, but encouraged)

Here’s the official #teamstrats overlay for use on OBS or Elgato, etc. It can be sized and positioned to your liking and is optional (but you’ll be super awesome if you use it).

Complete and submit this application

Team Benefits

  • Added exposure for your stream
  • More statistics and metrics available
  • Be one of the cool kids :wink:

Future Plans

  • Show team streams on the landing page.

  • Display notice on the forum when anyone from the team is currently live.

  • Discord bot integration to let other Strategists know when you’re going live

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