Okay, I'm fairly certain the game wants me to roll a Titan.. like right now

So, I just checked out Xur and for shits and giggles I picked up the exotic guantlet engram. I’m a warlock and already have the Sunsingers, but figured oh well I’ll see what happens. Mostly I just wanted to see if I could get the Claws of Ahamkara which I haven’t heard of anyone having, and don’t even know you can get to begin with. Anyways, sure enough I don’t get them, nor do I even get the Sunsingers, I got the Titan No Backup Plans gauntlets. Now you’re probably thinking “It happens, everyone rolls something for the wrong class every now and then”… well you’re right, but here’s why I think this. Yep, I have an Exotic chest piece, gauntlets, legendary helmet and legendary boots (2 pair, lol). The only legendary / exotic item I have ever gotten that was for the hunter was a legendary cloak I got the other night. Beyond that, it’s all been Titans.

Anyways, I just found that amusing, and yes I’ll probably check out the titan next (maybe soon? Dunno, lol) seeing as I can pretty much deck him out in full legendary gear as soon as he hits level 20, lol.


No Backup Plans is the best backup plan. So many orbs of Light…

10/10, do recommend.

I just made one. I’m only level thirteen, I need to level up!

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Hehehe, guess what I got from the engram :stuck_out_tongue:

WHAT?! You got the Claws?

Yes, I did haha

Ugh, jelly :frowning:
How are they? lol

They’re nice for crucible if you use them as traps, but you have to place them properly, like always. (The tripmine’s that is) They give discipline which is nice as well, because melee is useless in most high level pve situations. All in all, I haven’t had enough time with them to tell one way or another, whether they are awesome or kinda meh.

Wait, what do you mean use them as traps and place them properly?

It gives you duration on trip mines. Did you not know that?

Nope, that bit of info isn’t listed on the site here

Oh lol

So… For Xurday this week, since there was a helmet engram, I figured I’d try my luck with that… ya…

I suppose with my luck so far, my next set of engram boots will be Titan’s as well.

Oh dear. It’s a sign.

LOL that is just too good haha. I can’t believe it