On and Off Topic


I’d like to get some clarification on the frequency with which we need to be using reply as new thread as opposed to posting in a thread. It seems to me that the most recent incident (discussions as to some sort of qwerk in the Steam Holiday Thread) were quite topical as they pertained to an inaccurate display of supposedly-accurate information for part of the user base. IMO, the discussion may not have been directly centered around the holiday sale, but they were pertinent to the thread itself and thus not wholly off-topic. I’d like some exposition because if we need to have things like that in a separate thread the policy should be a bit more clear-cut.

  • All format/query/bugs related to OP and/or the content of his/her first post require a separate discussion thread?
    • If so, do we create a system to allow a user to do this automatically so Leaders/Mods don’t have to do it manually for each post?
      • Reply as new thread is insufficient in and of itself without Leader/Mod/OP intervention as the first post won’t have the details in it for others to easily locate unless it’s a wiki (which still requires Mod intervention IIRC).
        • Should we just have a new thread for every issue that’s brought up; would that be excessive for a living thread that’s going to have several updates?
  • Should we consider a default system that automatically generates a discussion thread for posts and adds a line of text plus link to the top/bottom of a post that’s created?
    • Perhaps the post is unlisted from the main spread of posts to reduce clutter?
      • Separate category that’s hidden from the home page but can still be selected from the drop-down?
      • Completely hidden and only accessible from the generated hyperlink in a thread?
        • What if it’s a wiki post and someone accidentally deletes it; how to we get back to it?

I’m not trying to be facetious. This is not the first time something like this has come up and as we continue to grow it will happen more and more frequently; I’m just looking for some clarified doctrine I can follow and enforce as necessary.


I see no reason to lay down any kind of hard law on it. It seems pretty logical to me: If someone were to search for the thread and arrive at the OP, is that reply relevant to their search?

In your example, let’s assume it takes 5 replies to figure out a solution. Now it’s fixed. That entire reply thread is irrelevant to the OP’s discussion and the person searching for the content. Similarly, a person searching for a solution to a wiki issue arrives at an irrelevant thread about holiday sales from last year.


You just clarified and laid the law down: metrics.

Now I have something to follow :wink:


I’ve never been upset that someone didn’t Reply as New Topic or anything. Just normal forum maintenance.


Do the mods have a way to split threads? Sometimes if something resolves in one or two posts, it doesn’t detract from a thread. However, when it turns into three pages of troubleshooting, that becomes more noise than the original signal.


We can take posts and make a new thread with it. Then we can more posts in there.


The mods do yes but also just people who have trust level 3 through being consistent returning regulars. If you use the forum enough, you are automatically given some tools to help maintain it.


Cool. I am not familiar with this particular install, so it wasn’t apparent what abilities were available.


Here’s a full explanation:



Thanks! Somehow I missed that explanation. It seems to be working and looks to be a great diversion from traditional board software.