On The Eve of Albion Battle, Remember As A Team We Will Prevail Against All Odds!




dem Goons


We talked about having a mascot once; perhaps it should be a clowder of kittens called the Strats Cats lol


Haha nice! Kittens do rule the world!


haha! that’s awesome!


The true question is who is the spy. Paging @vocino


It’s always me. I am the spai.


If goons are involved I might play this:)


Haha that is always the question! Who is the spy???


There be goons. I saw Eonwe (goon from Crowfall forums) talking in chat all day yesterday.


Ugh oh ninja! Time to let the reindeer games begin then!


I love me some EvE memes. Im going to dedicate some time in helping get the guild island up and running today. Hopefully the lag is not to bad and we could run a dungeon or two.