Online Next gen Console Money Grab!

Hello everyone! I stumbled onto this video earlier today and I wanted to share it with my fellow members!!
Basically this is a 5 lap race around Criminal Records in (GTAV Online) You MUST!! have 250,000 in order to even accept this challenge! Please note the race in the video is no longer available! Just follow the directions and you’ll do fine!

thanks to Cash Wave for uploading this video! toss him a like!

Step One: Go to Gtav online

Step Two: Open your Pause menu (Options Button :P)

Step Three: Highlight and select Online

Step Four: Go down to Playlists and select it

Step Five: Scroll down until you reach the Challenges Tab and enter it.

Step Six: Look for a Challenge that when highlighted , a small menu will appear to the right of the list
Make sure it has CASH BET 250000 and the total time is between 2min 30 seconds and 3min ++

Step Seven: Select this Challenge and it will take you to another screen, Make sure it says Criminal Records and then select the race and begin!

Note** You must complete the Race within the allowed time or you will lose your original 250000!! You can continue this method up to 5 times per character that is level 5 or higher.

If you have any questions or concerns Message ME! :stuck_out_tongue: @holyrager

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Cheers for this, who’s up for some “fundraising” later :wink:

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me me!

let me know when your getting on and ill help everyone out its a solo method

Yeah, but some of us have to raise 200k first :wink:

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@Auth No worries, jump on with the late night crew if you can and we can get you a couple a bucks pretty quick :smile:

Has anyone tried this lately, I lost 250K the last time I tried it. I was chatting with @tommy2118 Thur morning and he lost too. So be forewarned. I don’t know what we may have done wrong.

Hey guys, I just did this twice today and won both times!! Not sure what’s going on guys tho :pensive:

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I am going to try it again, its not like its real money

Well let me know when you try and I’ll tell ya witch one I did

is it working, online GtA I mean

Yea online is back.up

Online is hit or miss, did the money grab, it worked I did win, but instead of being able to do it four times, I could only do it once per day. its good for a 250k per character though. Thanks

Guess I should have made some money before they patched it.

It worked this morning, there are also 1k races, just be sure to find a race that is 3 min or greater finish time.

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