Oort Online Collector's Early Access Giveaway from Sorsko



Oort Online Collector’s Early Game Access Key Giveaway ($54.99)

@sorsko is providing an early access key for Oort Online (PC) to give away to a Strats member.

How do…

  • Must be a full Member
  • Must post a reply below
  • Will choose a random reply via RNG
  • Profit

Title change

As explained in this meta thread, @sorsko can pick a Regular and change their title. He’s choosing @Auth. Since this key is valued at $54.99, someone would need to beat it with a giveaway value or wait out 1 month and Auth can change it back and/or the value resets.

  • Auth’s new title is… Kadala’s Bitch

If you don’t have Steam installed, it can be downloaded at: steampowered.com. Click the menu bar item marked “Game” and then “Activate a product on Steam”. Follow the instructions and enter your key. You’ll be able to play when the Oort Online client has finished downloading.

If you’ve not played Oort Online before…

When you first load the client you’ll be asked to create an Oort Online account. This sets your unique username and registers your purchase to an email address.

If you’ve been playing Oort Online on ga.me

If you already have a ga.me account, make sure you click “I already have an account” when you first load the Oort Online client and sign in using the same login you use for ga.me. This will allow you keep your existing player account and username.

If you forgot your ga.me account details…

If you’ve been signing in using Facebook, Twitter or Google or you can’t remember what your username or password are: Go to ga.me and sign in as usual. Click the menu icon in the top left corner (the 3 horizontal lines). Your username is the item at the top of this list. To set (or change) your password, click on “Settings” near the bottom of this list. If you’re still stuck, go here and recover your password by entering your email address.

Playing on ga.me

When you’ve signed into your account on Steam you’ll be able to play Oort Online on the web at ga.me/games/oortonline-preview. Your character, items, spawns and everything will persist. Everything is stored in the cloud.

Thank you!

Give Something Away to Strats Members; Change a Member's Title

He’s not wrong, that woman only has eyes for @Majordomo :wink:

Also, looks like I’m the first victim of the new title shenanigans rules. Yay(!/?)


This game looks awesome. I’d be down.


I think we’ve all been at that point in our lives for D3 at some point haha. I’m down


wouldnt hurt to give this a try

art style is pretty neat. reminds me of minecraft with a texturepack


Kinda cool looking.


I’m in


I’m in


Bumping for new people. Picking the winner soon.


Oh snap, winner is @DanceBurgerDance

Congrats! (and sorry I forgot about this)


Congratulations, @DanceBurgerDance! :smile:


Whoop whoop! Pretty excited to play this!
Thanks @sorsko for the game!


Anytime dance!! Just remember , its an Early Alpha game with a very small dev team

Just a preview of what is to come:

Hammer time!


If you don’t care about getting close than crossbow preview: