Open World Dreaming: what would you do?


If the sky was the limit, an open world fantasy style game, what would you do?

Be creative. My gf said she would either open a store, or tame a horse, build a big backpack and start a shipping company!


Depends, 3d or 2d


2D :smiley: it won’t let me post unless I wrote more…



My ideal scenario for a super open world fantasy style game would be some kind of completely open ended civilization building RPG. If my character was the king, or better yet, started out as a just a guy founding a new place. Then we would progress through this world, building structures, making trades, waging wars, while also building out my personal character, that would be amazing.


What if it was a real world building area where you built in a PvP area. So you could potentially build a kingdom, it would just take time?

  • I would transform my friends an I into fish and learn how to alter the flow of rivers.

  • I’d summon massive lightning storms, then fill them with fireballs.

  • I’d climb a mountain for the exorcise then fly to the next mountain top for fun.

  • I’d split open the earth and descend to the cavern worlds below. Relax, I’d close it back up.

  • I’d research the lore of neighboring dimensions then see what they look like

  • I’d levitate the princess’ tower closer to mine

  • I’d have wizard duels to see who will feed the dragon this time

  • I would cast mirror image over and over so I could build the largest human pyramid

  • I’d summon rodents of unusual size, then create a fire swamp for them to live in

  • I’d turn into an ogre and surf on redwood logs

  • I’d tattoo “I heart Gaia” on the arm of a rock golem

  • I’d juggle cyclops eyes

  • I’d travel to the Horn mountains and trick a swaggle into giving me their money

  • I’d bring force to the balance

  • I’d create a mix-musicbox for my girlfriend

  • I’d fight the forces of evil because they wanted to destroy my favorite pub

  • I’d create the first floating wooden castle

  • I’d turn into smoke and infiltrate the ballroom, I’ll show them for not inviting me

  • I’d fight demi-gods with every possible form of magic conceivable. Like every possible spell imaginable.

In an open world fantasy I want to play, the “play wall” to experience everything is much smaller than other games. Let me know if you decide the sky isn’t the limit, I’ve got more ideas for that too…



Sounds like you should be playing Second Life.


I’ve tried second life before and didn’t enjoy it. I imagine if they had a version dedicated to a fantasy setting with magic and stuff, I’d probably be way more interested. Gonna head over there and try it out again though


I’ve never really played it other than having installed it and flew around when it was in beta. Seems mostly about having “virtual” long distance intimate relationships at this point.


well that’s not creepy at all…


There’s a pretty interesting documentary about it from a few years ago. But we’re derailing @NachoTheTrtl’s thread :slight_smile:




Derail! Derail! I’ll jump back in when the time is right.