Open World PvP?



I’ve kind of looked for an answer to this question but haven’t researched it that intensely, wondering if one of you may know.
If I’m in the game and see a member of a rival clan or something, can I blast him or do we have to be in some PvP game mode?


as far as i know (from what i have read) you can. If he is your own faction you get like bad boy rating with your own people.


As far as I’ve seen PvP is only in the crucible. Open world is for cooperative play such as events.


Yeah, open world is PVE only, Crucible is for PVP


ah, well that’s too bad. I like open world pvps


same here! Although I wouldn’t put it past them to add a pvp zone at some point.


that would be cool


Yes, you can kill other faction members; interestingly, you can kill your own faction too, but I believe there’s some kind of reputation system implemented. If there isn’t, I’m sure you’ll create a real, negative reputation with the rest of your allied faction members for killing an ally.


Any Sauce?


Mercury will feature an end-game content crucible mode called “The Trials of Osiris” and it is a pay (mote of light) to play in a lvl. 20+ only battle arena with a 3 loss limit. The better you do, the better gear you get. I would assume this map on Mercury is also bigger than most as its the only map that moves and changes as the match progresses. Activision also owns Blizzard and with the arena for Hearthstone being as popular as it is, I can see why Bungie included this awesome feature.