Operation: Queen Ayrenn's Grace [Sat, Apr 26 22:00 UTC]



It’s time once again to drive our swords through the hearts of the Pact and smash our warhammers into the skulls of the Covenant in the name of our Queen.

We have two Reddithium guilds so we are hoping this will generate a considerable turnout.

“I have no hatred for the races of Man, but they are young. Like all children, they are driven by emotion. They lack the wisdom that comes with age. I would sooner place an Altmer infant on the Ruby Throne than surrender Tamriel to their capricious whims.”
Queen Ayrenn, Your Queen Commands



Putting an “R” in zone chat will allow us to right click your name and invite you.

We’re going to assume that we will have enough of a turnout for two raid groups. These two teams will be known as Alpha and Bravo so that we can coordinate accordingly. If you are invited by @Vocino you are in Alpha, if you’re invited by @Majordomo you’re in Bravo. Please remember this as you may hear @Alexander call for a specific team to travel to an objective.

Our goal is to invite new raid members in a back-and-forth fashion based on numbers so these teams can be even most of the time. This will allow members to see others on the map and know where they’re going, as well as make both teams strategically viable.

If you’re going AFK for an extended period of time people leave the raid group before logging out. This helps us keep an accurate analysis of what our raid group is looking like. You can always get an invite when you return.

Supplies to Bring

  • Potions, especially for +crit (talk to @Ziq and @Majordomo if you have mats)
  • At least 1 Trebuchet and 1 Meatbag siege weapon.
  • 5 stone wall repair kits and 5 door repair kits.
  • Fully repaired armor (assuming you don’t die to angry farmers you won’t need to repair during pvp)
  • If you don’t use an alternate weapon much, considering getting the first 2 skills in Restoration Staff and bringing on to do pickup heals.
  • Grand Soul Gems for resurrecting fallen comrades in the heat of battle. Saving our reinforcements the trip back from respawning can drastically tip battles in our favor.

General PVP Tips

  • When reporting intel use directions. e.g. “from the South” not “behind us” or “the east wall” not “this wall over by me”
  • Similarly, no one knows where you are. Saying “next to me” or “over here” is meaningless in ESO PVP. Find a landmark and a direction from the main group.
  • Remember that you can stow your siege equipment using the x key (e.g. after we’ve broken a wall) and bring it with you to the next fight.
  • If you can’t respawn at the closest shrine to the point, remember that you may be able to travel to that point. Simply respawn then turn around and use the shrine to travel closer.
  • If we’re attacking the front door of a keep, we’ll be using Battering Rams, otherwise we use Trebuchets.
  • Meatbags are using as anti-personnel siege weapons. Use them from behind the main group or from keep walls against approaching troops.

UPVOTE THIS: http://redd.it/23pq3q

Grand Master and Master Craftsman positions
Grand Master and Master Craftsman positions
What do YOU wanna do as a group?
Creating tools for Strats.co

Ah man, I have drill that weekend. Sounds like fun though.


By the way, after I get input from you guys I’ll post this on reddit today.


I would be cutting it close. I have State Music Performance Assessment with my choir that day. I’m supposed to be released at 4:30 EST, but you know why if I am late.


Posted a thread on reddit, please upvote it: http://www.reddit.com/r/esoredditguild/new


We’ll be running into the evening I’m sure so no worries. You don’t necessarily have to be there at the start time.


Would it be better to post it on /r/elderscollsonline to generate more revenue?


Btw, in response to the picture…


They wouldn’t have access to the reddit mumble but I guess that’s ok. It hasn’t seemed like the reddit guilds have been very well received on r/elderscrollsonline though so it would likely get downvoted. We have no power there.

It might be worth a shot crossposting it though.


I’m down, I’ll bring my Sorc-Tank / Healer.


This sounds awesome but I have my high school reunion this weekend. I’ll try to make some of it and gave you an upvote anyway.


Good stuff, I’m in. See you guys at 6am… :slight_smile:


Its going to be grrrrrrrrrreat!


Should be able to play for an hour or two. Gotta work early the next morning.


@Majordomo @Vocino For strategic purposes are we going to have any scouts/specialized intel roles? I tend to do that sort of thing when playing MMO pvp (frequent intercepter pilot in eve, thief in gw2, etc). Is there any need for me to essentially forward scout, give info on enemy zerg positions, etc? I’m willing to run with the zerg if it doesn’t help us.


also @Vocino great post, but you may want to stress the mumble a bit. My prediction is we’ll have a number of idiots who think they are so good that they don’t need mumble, or people who think it doesn’t matter if they aren’t actually in mumble. Getting everyone in mumble is one of the best things we can do for the team as you know very well.


I could see this being viable, yes. You would probably want to have vampirism for the significant stealth buff and travel between the keep that the enemy owns and the one we are attacking after we’ve prevented spawning at it.

I can make some edits for that on the reddit thread. Maybe some people could post comments as well. As far as here on Strats, I think everyone uses mumble.


So I need twenty characters to post in the forums just to let everyone know… I upvoted on the reddit page.


Everyone ready? @Ziq, @tommy2118, @DracoIsmenium, @Majordomo, you guys need anything for tomorrow that maybe we can prepare for tonight?

I’m hoping I’ll have some time to work on the mumble infrastructure tonight just in case.


So I actually have to work till 11 tomorrow night, which means ill be back around 11:30 but I dont have any work on sunday so ill be able to play the rest of the night, sorry guys.