Opinion on titans/homeland security members doing the "repair" dueling?




Yeah im not a fan of that pretty cheezy way to go, just hows how low skilled players they are. I have never liked Sunday either he has a lot of ego like Kelty. Also sad to see that Herozig kid do the same sorta gives a shity name to alliance.


next thing you know they’ll be selling gold on a web site, thanks for bringing the community down idiots. I think a better way to handle dueling is to introduce a duel window just like the trading window. Each person puts in how much they bet and then they have to accept. The winner gets all of it when the duel is over.

Edit: just read the posts, someone else suggested something similar


I was reading the post and saw Dream respond and say it would be handled.


There are alot of players who do this kinda stuff the problem is that it works but i think its an easy fix.


It’s really not, as there is picture of Sunday doing it later in same topic where Dream said it will be handled.


My bad Sunday is Homeland security now. Seems like that guild for all shady things in INC.

Slightly off-topic:

Do you think it’s super lame how every black zone INC owns have multiple naked scouts now?


Naked scouts are bound to happen, as well as characters that can read price of every market until you’re not allowed multiple accounts.


Since playing multi accounts is encouraged, pretty sure thats not something thats going to go anywhere.


I think what he’s talking about is multi-clienting (i.e. multiple accounts simultaneously logged in from the same IP), not simply people owning multiple accounts. By not allowing two clients to be logged in from the same IP without express permission from administrators, it obviously won’t solve the problem, but it should help to minimize it.


I’m not saying I’m gonna play two computers at once whenever it launches… but I have been working on my dual mouse wielding… Seriously though, I would only ever do that because holy staves are nigh impossible to level up solo