Order Fallout 76 on Humble Bundle



Doooooo iiiitttttttt…

Click me:



Now if only that had been an option from “go.” I’m genuinely annoyed.


Me too. I almost want to cancel and reorder.


If I hadn’t played so much already, I 100% would. Pretty sure I can’t at this point.


I haven’t done much actually. I might go for it.


I have no idea what the refund policy is, but I’m definitely a good 10 hours or more in, I imagine; no turning back now.


Yeah you’ll probably want to stick.

Also if it’s a hassle I’m just going to roll with my existing preorder.


Do it!


You’ve just played a beta, you should be able to cancel the pre-order. Also, since it’ll still be the same account maybe the progress sticks?


I actually wouldn’t even care about progress overmuch; knowing what I know now I could be more efficient early game and be in a better position by the time I reach the same level (more quickly, too, I imagine). I just expect they won’t allow for it, but I’ve also not bothered to look into it at all. I might do that this evening.

Just looked into it; it wouldn’t be easy to do at all, I don’t think. The only way to do it is to email customer support, and I just don’t have the sort of energy required to put up with emailing back and forth on a game I want to play but purchase through another site, I don’t think.


FYI 76 is 33% off on Humble right now. Jump in!


According to mine it’s 40% off.



Does that mean you’re coming in?! :smiley:


Haha. I want to, but then I realize I probably won’t end up playing it.