Orokana. An introduction. (GTAV PS4)

20 and I’m a sports official for the local schools. I’m going to school at the moment but it hardly keeps me from getting on. I live in Texas and I’m just looking for a new GTA crew. I play destiny a lot aswell so I was gonna check out that PS4 name swap out and get to know a couple of the guys before hand.

Fellow Texan here; welcome aboard! Always nice to have more names to try for that lofty goal of 2,000 PSN friends :wink:

Let us know if you need anything. At present (new user) you might not be able to edit the wiki post to add your PSN; just post it in here and I’ll get it setup for you.

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Welcome @Orokana__ I’m looking forward to causing some chaos in GTA V. This post is the formal intro for the Strats GTAV Crew. This link will take you through the steps of joining our crew.

How did you find out about us?

Hi Orokana! Welcome to Strats. Great to hear another GTA crew member is coming aboard! What are you going to school for?

@Auth it’s the same as my strats name.
@tommy2118 through your reddit post!
Nubhugs sound recording and communications.

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Also, for those in the states. Goodmorning fellas.


Welcome to the crew @Orokana__, look forward to playing with you and tearing up Los Santos!

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Welcome! I saw your interested in Destiny. We have a large presence and ate always looking fire new members. Check out the intro post for the details. [Destiny] STCO Clan [PS4/XB1] (PVX)

Welcome. FYI, you have a three day grace period to change your username. You could remove those userscores if you wanted. I’m assuming they were put there from using a social sign in.

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