Oryx raid heroic mode



So the heroic difficulty mode for the raid is to drop friday the 23rd at 10 am PST(1 pm EST) was there anyone interested in doing hard mode? Recommended light level is 300. Drops are from 310+(yes above 310!)


I would like to join but I work until 6 pm est so I can get on after if you don’t mind waiting to start


Yes… just let me know what time


Well I took off work wed.-sat next week so I have all day. What time is everyone free?


I am so down* and can arrange to be available whenever, as long as I get a couple days’ notice. And assuming we don’t have any new releases at work on like Thursday lol because that would make for a DISASTER of a Friday.

*Assuming I can break 300 by then… :expressionless:


Maybe that night. 8pm est.


I can come as well.


Isn’t Friday our normal raid night @ohnokenzilla? How is this going to effect the regular run?


I’m off next Friday so should be on sometime in the morning and can probably try whenever. Everyone needs to be 300+ with a good loadout.

By good loadout I mean at least a comfortable primary, a sniper and a machine gun


I may take off next Fri, so if I do, and there’s room, I’d like to try.


Everytime I see this thread pop up on my “latest” i read it as “Onyxia Raid” and I have flashbacks of “More dots more dots”.


I’ve been reminded that this Friday I have a date night planned. Going to see Vin Diesel destroy some witches. Best of luck, friends!


I wonder if we can conscript vin diesel to kill the sisters for us now that he’s a big time witch killer… :stuck_out_tongue:


I can be down for this about 530-830 central time for sure. Possibly able to play after as well but that all depends on the gf


Not sure how we will want to tackle hard mode. Reading the notes the recommended light is 310 which is super hard to get to. I’m going to guess it will be us beating our heads against a wall to try and get gear from the relay and warpriest with golgoroth being the hard point again. Then we just try to grind what we can for a couple weeks until we hit higher gear to get to the daughters and oryx.

Anyone have any speculations about hard mode differences? I’m guessing golgoroth the bubbles won’t respond so we will only have 6 attempts at him with a lower death limit. Warpriest will have harder enemies during the dps phase so you will need someone setting up your kills to get the buff timer down. No clue how the daughters or oryx will be different yet.


The Vault guns gave us Oracle and Minotaur burn. The Crota guns gave us Hive Disrupter for Wizards and Knight shields. The KF guns give us Cocoon…so maybe you can’t reload in hard mode?


If that’s the case then get good at hitting your black spindle shots and have a touch of malace close by.


I’m really hoping that’s not the case, as I’ve been infusing my crappy raid guns into my better legendary weapons.


Hard Mode recommendation is 310. That’s really high. :confused:

The Nightfall can drop stuff in the 300’s though, that can help.



Ooh, that’s an excellent observation. I hope you are wrong, but it just makes too much sense!