Our First House



Well folks, we are well on our way to getting our first farmhouse (which costs an absurd amount of resources). Here is the count so far (note this is in base units, basic stone, iron ore, and logs)

  • 1024 stone out of 3000: 34.1%
  • 822 iron out of 1500: 54.8%
  • 352 logs out of 1500: 23.5%

We are well on our way to getting this farmhouse, but it is going to take a bit more effort on all our parts. What I think we should do is focus on getting iron and stone, selling the more expensive resources that we get from mining like gems, and then buying logs with that money. It is going to be expensive and be labor intensive but it’ll be worth it in the end. Also once we get enough iron and stone we can start selling that as well. I’d like to get this done in the next 3 days so let’s get to it and once we are done with this we can focus on building some boats and then moving onto the next house.

SHOUTOUT OF THE DAY: To the random level 28 idiot who thought they could get past me with a stone tradepack, thank you for contributing 300 stone to our cause. And to @LordErku and @Glock29 who already started contributing resources, way to do the Emperor’s work :wink:

-Emperor out

The Emperors Trial

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I got put in jail for PK’ing players from our own faction. :smiley: Though in my defense, two people I killed because they dueled each other and only had 1 health left so I just had to finish em off, another one was transporting resources I could steal, a few of them were the Brazilians in the server (there is a definite US, Brazilian war going on), and then the last ones were either people who wanted revenge or were low levels that are fun to toy with before killing.



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I have no idea what this is in reference to (which made it funny to read).

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Pics of dracos trial and me pissing them off coming soon.


One of ArcheAge’s more unique features is a trial system. When a player commits an in-game crime, like killing someone of their own faction or stealing crops, bloody footprints appear. Any other player can come along and click on the bloody footprints, which reports the culprit to the authorities.
Once the player reaches a certain number of reports they are summoned to court, where a jury of five of their peers must vote on their innocence or guilt and determine how long the sentence should be.
Trial chat is broadcast across a wide area (continent? zone? I’m honestly not sure yet), and for the most part it’s pretty entertaining.

The bank thief is up to old tricks I guess. :beers:


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I need to get three of those hardened or whatever ingots and then I’ll complete my mining armor set and have a 200 boost on mining. I sold the remainder of my stone, wood and several other resources to finance the purchase of the mats I need to get that done. Once I have that done, my ability to farm a mine should be epic, and I’ll send you more goodies. The three mats I still need are very expensive. I’m trying to pick them up for a reasonable price on the auction house. I’ll keep you updated.



Last sentence outlines strats co’s relationship to archeage


Awww you didn’t get the pictures of them raging at me :frowning: Also @tommy2118 and @Vocino I’m so confused at what is going on in this thread now


How much are they going for on the auction house?


I have no idea what is going on in this thread…


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No I was talking about how I came to the dark side of the site and it looks like you guys are the Amish mafia. @dracolsmenium is a HIT MAN. I feel scared now. Is that group going to burn down your house and come after my side of the site too. @vocino I DON’T WANT NO TROUBLE MAN!

I’m gonna go to my part of the forums now…


I murder people, nothing wrong with that buddy. Just keep your eyes forward and we won’t have any problems. Nobody is burning anything of ours down while I’m around, their houses on the other hand…


Also folks it is not even 5 yet eastern time and there are HEAVY queues, at least an hour or more long and it is going to get much worse over the next few hours which kind of really sucks. Trion y u no give us more servers?


I need three of the opaque polish to build three sturdy ingots and it is running about 10g each IIRC. The sturdy ingots completed are running about 45g each, so that’s not an option for me.
Sturdy Ingot

Here is a good article on mine locations:
How to Earn Money Quickly in ArcheAge - Gathering Ore Guides

Once I get that done, I’ll go from a 100% boost on mining to a 200% boost. That should really increase my mine farming ability. I think it’s worth it.

I’m also doing the wood farming blue salt quest and so far I have the gloves for harvesting. The Orchard is a great place to farm wood. There is also an open wood farm where you can plant up to five quick growing trees. Google it because I can’t check it as I am on the plane right now.

– Glock29