Our future in AA

Now that we have started shaping our guild town in karkasse i think its time to plan ahead and decide what we want to do. I am curious as to how you guys see strats going forward. We have been throwing ideas around but nothing concrete has come of it so maybe we can get some data from this thread.

In alpha we said we would go pirate and with launch we kinda changed paths. I believe this should not be a gm/officers decision because all our members are cool as fudge and y’all should be part of that decision. So i am kinda making this thread to see what you guys would like to do and then our benevolent guild master and officers can make a solid decision and guide us into glorious adventures based on your feedback.

To assist you all i made a list of the possible paths we can take and what we should aim for:

A. Pirate


Constant PvP
Gold from stolen tradepacks
Pirate island

No farming on pirate toon
No gameplay on the continents
Constant PvP :smiley:
No trading

Immediate Goals:
3000 infamy
giving our land to alts


Tons of gold
Merchant runs are fun
Massive crafting capability
Merchant alliance

Less pvp than the other paths
focus on land can be very time consuming
harassment by pirates/factions

Immediate Goals:
Entry into a merchant alliance
Merchant Ship
Farm carts
Access to pve content



Gold for Blood
Tons of faction/anti-pirate pvp
Access to pve content

Its a pro and con, part of no alliance so that we can sell our services. We can work for anyone but at the same time no one to help us fight
Possible target for greens who dont like us:D

Immediate Goals:
PR and selling our selves for profit (wink wink)

Fisherman Guild:

The salty life
Fun as fudge!

Pirates hate us
Reds love our fishing packs
The focus on fishing and considering how time consuming it is can be an obstacle if we want to do other things.

Immediate Goals:
Fishing alliance
sun block

*There are other possible paths so let me know if you want to add to the list.

  • Choosing one of the paths does not mean we cant do some stuff from the other ones but we should focus on some more than others. (piracy has obvious limitations so take that into account)

Regardless of what we do, it seems we need to really start working towards gilda for any of these boats. We could pool the gold from trade packs and buy the blueprint, depending on what’s more profitable and safer. ex getting gold from tradepacks to other continents or going to freedrich and getting gilda.

I like the idea of mercenaries, just because having the accessibility of doing other stuff in our downtime. (fishing, pvp, tradepacks, crafting) is easier.

I would like to suggest the possibility of being a warlike organization.
We hunt down reds/pirates. There is plenty of PvP to be had against the East on both continents as well as at sea.

The pro to this is that we can work on relationships with strong guilds in our own alliance and have friends to back us up when we are in need.
We will also be able to capture trade packs from red ships and turn those in or break them down for mats/gold.

Yeah, I really like the idea of a mercenary/privateer group. We should build alliances with other guilds our size. That allows us to coordinate but still act in smaller discrete groups. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

We can pirate reds and defend friendly shipping, either through alliances or for cash. We also run our own merchant runs when we can or we want to.

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The mercenary guild thing would work pretty nicely especially when auroria patch comes out, so many people are going to rush over on release and its gonna be constant pvp, if we do the mercenary guild, we should start as soon as possible to establish strats as a friendly, dependable guild.

Along with all these jobs comes in networking around the guilds who hire, and therefore expanding the connections of the overall guild with allies all over.

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im up for anything. i dont have any property so even going pirate wouldnt be a big deal for me :slight_smile:


The overall direction of Pirate or Mercenary will force us to split our Alts into a new Guild. Been playing the longest running Sandbox game since Beta EVE Online. After 12.5 years I can tell you that either path will preclude any ‘downtime’ for our mains.
Being Merc’s has the advantage of the excuse of ‘nothing personal mate, just fulfilling the contract.’ Going pirate means u are 100% asshole. No offense not met one of you yet with the right personality to be a real pirate. you may think you are or could be however, not one of you could make it your MO.

Just my 2 copper.



Well we all want to go merc i suppose

I think we can still do a mix of merchants and mercenaries. Mostly because I just don’t think there’s going to be that many guilds that would “hire” us. Maybe a few, but I don’t think it’d be profitable. It would require a lot of work from the officers and the guild as a whole to find contracts and then the whole guild would have to “deliver”. I’m not sure we’re that big yet. Could be wrong there, idk. I think we should form merchant alliances, get a merchant ship and then run packs to get a galleon and then we can start “selling ourselves”.

I agree with Glock… I would like to go with the mercenary/privateer and add Some fishing in there for the peeps that are into that. I think if we have some that want to go Pirate we have a guild on the Side for that.