Our territories in Albion


Just a quick post about all of our territories! As you might have noticed, we are spammed by messages that our terretories are running low on food/supplies or whatever you wanna call it.

Yesterday I added around 6 days to our BB territory, but I cannot feed all of them. I would like to ask you, the members of our guild, to help out! If you supply just 1 stack of carrot soup (16 carrots needed to make this), you will add about 57 minutes of uptime!

Now adding that little should be NO PROBLEM for anyone. If you dont have a farm on your Island or simply have your Island way off, you can buy 16 carrots for about 1600-2000 silver. That is not alot for a single person, so if we all could just help out and not just hope others do something, we might keep our territories alive!

If you don’t feel like running down to the south-western part of our continent to feed the territories that’s fine. We have a few groups that does GvG that should be able to take a stack or 2 of food each.


yea, I added like 9 days to one of the hornbeam places the other day, should have spread it out, oops. BTW, 1 stack of pie = 1%