Overheard Xur say something interesting this morning

I’ve heard a few people speculate that we might end up finding out that the traveler is actually evil. Well this morning I heard Xur say that the traveler has “A Dark Mirror”. Kind of makes me wonder if our traveler is light based and is locked in ancient conflict with a dark traveler. I think the Hive are the dark traveler’s foot soldiers. What if the guardians are our traveler’s last ditch effort to survive this conflict? Thoughts?

That’s an interesting theory. My questIon is who are the nine?

The elder gods, fool! Mutha fuckin Cthulhu and shit! Though that’s probably not right…

This right here…Who are the Nine and Who are/were the Jovians?

Well Xur also says that the Awoken didn’t choose to become what they are but the Jovian did.

As a side note this is making me laugh. People bitch about the story but look how easily we can have fun theory crafting. Just because the story doesn’t bash your skull in doesn’t mean it isn’t there, you know?

Is all I can think of when I see this thread lool


I think the jovians are a symbiotic species. I think it either inhabits willing humans or maybe corpses and the 9 are maybe their “queens” so to speak.

If you look up the word “Jovian” in the dictionary the definition reads.


  1. of or pertaining to the Roman god Jupiter.
  2. of or pertaining to the planet Jupiter.


So I would say they are on Jupiter.

EDIT: I also realized that there are 8 Planets in our solar system, and if you were to count the Sun as well, you would have “The Nine”

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Wait…Pluto is no longer considered a planet!!! Where is Bill Nye the Science guy when you need him!!!


OH LMAO!!! ROFL!!! That was awesome! But I can hear the voice of Craig Robinson from Pineapple Express or Hot tub Time machine instead of Neil

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It’s ok Pluto. You’re still a planet to me :’(

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