OVERWATCH beta is back!



Even though the hype seems to have died considerably, the Overwatch beta launched again on Feb 9th.

I received the call this round. Did anyone else get an invite?


Jealous, not yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.


When is that game supposed to launch. I have it preordered. :3




I’m still hyped, it just hurts my soul to keep watching videos about it knowing I have to wait


I got mine! just noticed too! Maybe our paths shall cross in battle… Vilegrin1465 if you want to add me to your battle.net friends.


Nope. I am not worthy.


I’ve clocked 11 hours into this game over the past week. The majority of that time has been with tanks Roadhog (2.5h) and Winston (2h) as well as supports Mercy (2.5h) and Symmetra (2h).

Overall I’m enjoying Overwatch. I feel like I’m playing a shooter from 10+ years ago and that makes me happy. I like that the game is rather simple with no CoD-style aiming on every shot. It’s a rather fast-paced game and I have always enjoyed objective-based teamplay.

Unfortunately, I feel like most of my teammates are more familiar with pure team deathmatch. Often I am frustrated when people are not pushing a payload, or they stand outside a contested point trying to kill the enemy who is actually standing on the point. But this happened in the early stages of the Heroes of the Storm beta when people seemed unfamiliar with MOBA mechanics. Maybe it will get better as more people are invited into the game or once the game launches.

I’m uncertain how this game will be received once it does launch. I know that objective modes in BLOPS3 are generally low population. 50+% are usually playing team deathmatch on PS4. I don’t think Overwatch will pull the hardcore TF2 and CS:GO away from those games. I’m not sure if Blizzard is trying to gain those players.

I’ll see how things look in a couple months but I think I will make Overwatch a PC game for myself.


Hopefully on release the OG TF2 players will crawl out of their holes to play :wink:


TF2 is still in the top 5 (usually #3) Steam games with around 45-50k players. That just blows my mind. I’m not sure if Overwatch will be the game to replace TF2.

One of the big concerns I see is people making poor character/class decisions. They want to “main” a character in Overwatch and when I look at their profile they have 5+ hours on one and then the next highest is 20 minutes. They will choose a sniper to play on offense in order to get a high kill count. Which I guess makes them feel good but doesn’t help push that payload.

Being able to change your character to fit the situation is a great thing. I’m not sure if Blizzard is doing a bad job of stressing that point or if the players are resisting the idea and just want to focus on one character only.


As a meta begins to establish, hopefully we’ll see people approach the game more similarly to MOBAs in learning a couple characters/roles so they’re not sitting trying to do just one thing with one toon.


Unfortunately I am guilty of this. For me it’s nothing to do with kill count I just tend to hate first person shooters and I have a fucking blast playing Roadhog (I’m scared to look at how many hours I have on him…) I been trying to branch out and even get picked on by my girlfriend for picking the Hog over and over so that helps lol.

One thing i hope they move away from is multiple people being able to plat the same character.


Roadhog is currently my longest played character because I always pick him as my tank when defending. Being able to pull one of the low-health attack characters and one-shot kill them is a big deal.

I don’t think Blizzard will remove the option for multiple players to select the same character. That’s just part of the game. I joined a defense match where someone on voice told everyone “let’s do an all-Torbjorn match!” I refused to be a part of that. I think I chose Symmetra while we had either 4 or 5 Torbjorns. The other team absolutely destroyed us and probably pushed the payload in record time.

I think I gave everyone on my team a negative vote.


It’s HUGE his heal is insane as well I fully expect it to get nerfed before going “live” or shortly after I’ve used it so many times to live through someones ultimate when caught with no other way out.

I’m making a solid attempt at playing Reinhardt when I’m on the offensive. Drives me insane how many players just refuse to stay behind his shield when running with me it’s to the side or in front of LOL

Mei and Junkrat are others on my radar but there never seems to be a shortage of Junkrat players so I normally pass on him.

Yeah I’m not really holding my breath it’s more of a hope than an expectation.


I think Roadhog’s self-heal is pretty good myself. The other tanks have armor or shields but Roadhog is a pure health tank. He needs that self-heal.

I like to use Reinhardt when on offense as well. I see people choosing him for defense but I don’t see the benefit to it. Reinhardt/Zarya seems to be a good combo on payload maps especially when you have to first take the point before the payload is activated. I use Winston or D.Va on control maps to get people off the point.

Mei is probably my favorite defense character. Her RMB attack is pretty strong and only got better in yesterday’s patch since it’s ammo cost was reduced. LMB freeze people then RMB them in the face.


Most of the tank toons I enjoy to some degree except Winston and I honestly think that has more to do with my ability to play him than it does his kit. When it comes to him I just suck shit through a rag. i will see others play him and have the desire to uninstall LOL in the right hands he is a BEAST (pun intended)


I’ve played 190 matches in the past 2 weeks.

I like Overwatch.


Someone give me beta access.


More invites just went out last night!


But not to me. :sadgumball: