Overwatch beta October 27th



Overwatch live stream event on Oct 15th

Overwatch beta announcement on b.net

  • Beta begins Oct 27
  • Two pools of testers
  • Closed beta group will be the core testers. Small pool, focused on gameplay.
  • Beta Test Weekends when they invite loads of people to crash the servers. Limited heroes/maps available.



I’m really looking forward to this (shocking, I know). I think this is going to be a great addition to the Blizzard universe.


My favorite part is the beta is the same day as Halo5 Woo Kappa


Soooo I didn’t know this game even existed and I just watched the trailer. Holy poo this looks amazing. Looks like I’m a PC gamer now.


It’s to ensure they have a quality test base free of XB1-players :wink:


This is hilarious, for a minute Toweliee on twitch thought it was the same weekend as blizzcon, he was like "wtf I don’t even want to go to blizzcon now’ lololol

But yes, get rekt by Blizzard Halo 5 :smiley:


October officially named Game Month


Halo 5 day? No thanks. :smiley:


crap so many games coming out that week that I wanna play -_-


My thoughts exactly haha! I interpreted that the Oct 27th day was the “closed” beta part and random weekends would be the open beta.


I had to stop watching the stream because of work, but my gawd does this game look like Hella fun.


That’s what I’m saying!


@Vocino is this a pc game only?


It’s possible that Overwatch will be available for Mac as well. Blizzard games generally are.

If you’re wondering if it will be available for consoles, that has not been announced at all.



I never got an email :frowning:


Blizzard is in maintenance mode on all games right now. I don’t think emails will be going out until this afternoon.


Did anyone in Strats get invited for the closed beta?


All I’ve seen is practically every Twitch partnered streamer who has ever played an MMO or shooter are the ones getting invited.

But that’s how you build hype I guess.

I ain’t even mad though. Should be plenty of other things to keep my interest until Overwatch release. And there’s always beta weekends for us peons.