Overwatch beta test this weekend! Nov. 20



Got the notice 20 min ago that I’m in Overwatch from Friday til Monday morning. Anyone else get the invite?


yeah… but I’m playing paladins lol


Because it’s not possible to play both?


I’m down, haven’t done too much research into the game yet so it should be fun lol


well I’m playing both, but not streaming, I like paladins more


All I have to say is: This game is pretty fun.

Edit - Ok one other thing. I think it will be a good console game.


needs some sort of progression system. I mean I know it’s a beta but as it stands now the gameplay kinda pales after 8 hours of the same thing with nothing to brag about show for it. Just seems like something missing.


I disagree. Progression is what the kiddies need to validate themselves.

Right now I’m reminded of playing Quake 20 years ago and the original Team Fortress. The game is fast. There’s no zooming your sights (unless a specific hero has it and I haven’t played him yet).

Doom, Quake, Duke3d, those games/series didn’t have any sort of progression in their multiplayer. You just played. When did these progression systems come into shooters? Call of Duty?


Even those games had scoreboards. I’ll settle for that


I totally agree. I’ve played maybe 8-10 hours this weekend. The game leaves me bored. Paladins is more enjoyable at this point with its last update.


Progression is what the kiddies need to validate themselves.

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Blizz has said there will be some rewards system in OWatch, they’re just not sure how they’re going to do it yet.

TF2 doesn’t have straight-away progression, but it has a rewards system. The main track is tied to how long you play. The longer you play, the more drops you get. Drops are eventually converted to currency (scrap), which you can trade with other players for things you want. It didn’t make the game any easier or introduce new mechanics, but it was a rewards track. Of course you could buy into the track (purchasing keys).


I really can’t tell how high up I am. Can’t see down with my nose turned up this high. Sitting on my high horse.

Who are you?


I agree with Mark, the game totally needs a progression system, which will more than likely be implemented. I’m sure I’ve grind the most hours in Tf2 here, and it seems to be the game people like to compare Overwatch to (mind my arrogance), and after I hit about 1 thousand hours I felt as if I was going no where with the game. The drops were becoming repetitive and that extra 1/2 scrap wasn’t enough encouragement for me to play as often as I previously did. So I decided to join competitive teams and that revived the game fully for me; I experienced an entirely different side of the game I had never experienced before. The progression through divisions is what kept me pushing to become a better player. This competitive aspect is what keeps players coming back to games like CSGO. That being said, I think it will become necessary at one point for Overwatch to introduce a progression system so that players won’t fry quickly.


The biggest problem, and the reason they removed the scoreboard in the first place, is it’s difficult to judge just who’s doing “well” in a game with so many diverse roles. I mean even with things like “Kills” “Assists” “HP Healed” “Damage Blocked” you still have to measure things that utility classes do (how do you measure the effectiveness of a well placed teleport for example?)

The same issue will apply to matchmaking and ranked play. How can you judge how well a players doing?


Elo Points. Things like a well placed teleporter could easily be measured. i.e. How many people used it and how long they survived after using it. Everything is possible to measure. Also, I understand the importance of team-based play but individual kills are as relevant as how many heals someone put out. Everything just must be measured based on an individual classes capabilities.


I’m not saying it’s not possible but it was take an incredible amount of dev time to calculate all the places where one might get points. It could also encourage certain types of gameplay due to getting a higher “score” that way, I would rather they display the raw stats (and just add “utility” for things like teleports), as opposed to a visible ELO.


I think most people would feel as though you got your money’s worth if you played a game for one thousand hours. 40+ days. Full days of your life playing a single video game.

Maybe it’s a difference in generation. The people that I played games with 15-20 years ago didn’t need progression or carrots to make us enjoy games. Maybe that was because the games just didn’t have progression systems. But I remember playing Quake and Descent just to shoot people. And I remember playing Dark Age of Camelot and Wowcraft just to hit people in the face.


Blizzard is great. They will find an amazing way to implement a balanced progression system.


Games are getting better and more advanced as the generations pass.


It’s been good. Needs a bit more variety in exit point from spawn on payload maps. Really easy to push to the spawn exits and lock out the defending team