Overwatch - Capture the Flag Dev Update



As an extension of the new Lunar New Year event in Overwatch, Year of the Rooster, Blizzard also released a new game mode called Capture the Rooster (known forevermore as CTF). To outline their philosophy behind this event, Jeff Kaplan is also back in front of the camera to provide another developer update:

For those without 12 minutes on their hands, as always here’s my tl;dr version (left out things I didn’t think were that important):

  • CTF has been under development since before launch of game.
  • CTF is first dual-objective game mode - as the both flags are in play at the same time, as a team you must determine your resource split between offense & defense.
  • Hero mobility remains in play - only a few second day to pickup flag has been added to prevent instant cap & return. Any damage taken will reset timer.
  • You don’t need your own flag to cap opponents flag.
  • Mode will be a 3-week event & live in Arcade - could return again in the future.

Overwatch Year of the Rooster Event Details

[UPDATED] Overwatch Year of the Rooster Event - Leaked Details
Overwatch - Server Browser Developer Update

Having spent an hour or so playing the event, matches can either be fast-paced or a complete turtle. Games do end in draws & as it’s in the arcade, I’m often find I return to matchmaking between each match.

Meta-wise, Symmetra/Torb seem to be the two defenders with choke-point placement turrets & turret. And in nearly every match, someone would roll either D.Va or Reinhardt as the cap tank to take advantage to their mobility enhancement and ability to take a solid punch as they run away. Add in a Sombra hacking here, there & everywhere behind the flag and you just need some DPS to balance it out.

Oh… and if you can team kill on the flag, a quick cap can actually result in a double cap - the flag spawns right away on capture so a skilled team gets two points for just showing up. Fun times.


See, I get that they want to have a rotation of different game modes out there, but this particular mode is a competitive FPS staple; it’s disappointing that it won’t be a permanent addition.


I wonder if it’s not a staple because of the many possibilities to cheese the map.

I have not played this mode yet, but I can envision that several defense heroes, McCree, Zenyatta would be terrible. Mobility would likely be too strong on this map.


haha, I like that last part he’s like “have fun and be nice to each other”, I chuckled. Can’t wait for the new mode, the snowball mode was crap


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Meanwhile it is time to GO HARD!


played the new mode, it’s mostly a sym/torb/winston/diva simulator. On the rare occasion that neither team does that comp it’s actually kind of fun


This is what I expected.


You left out Reinhardt. He’s able to insta-cap on the Control Tower map with Charge.

When I was running with a few friends last night, we actually found we were able to break the meta simply by playing a smart defense early on. Once we knew we had them significantly outnumbered, we’d immediately pick off the Sym/Torb defense team and if we still had time, look to grab the flag. If we didn’t, we’d smartly push until we had our ults up.

Granted, we had ourselves a tank of some sort to flag grab where possible, but we also went up against a couple teams who used Genji/Sombra as flag carriers - squishy, but able to peace out pretty darn quick.

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I’ve been doing pretty good with Junkrat too. Great to keep people off the flags.


Junkrat is da best eva!!!