Overwatch cheapest team comp




Out of all the characters in Overwatch, what team do you think would be the most over powered? The teams can be made of one character or all different. I say we take the best ideas and play some troll matches this week.


That video would be better if it was 3 Reinhardt’s protecting 2 Bastions and a Torb.


6 Torbjorns :smiley:


I think that 6 tracers would be a headache. The sustain of 6 roller skate guys would be insane. @Auth said he played against that group type.


6 Lucios is annoying but beatable. 6 Bastions was pretty silly. 6 Reinhardts is tedious. 6 Tracers was less dangerous than I expected. 6 Meis was miserable to play against, as was 6 Junkrats. 6 Roadhogs was a hysterical hook-fest. 6 Genjis was so-so. 6 Hanzos was pretty rough. 6 McCrees was more scarey than I expected.

There was a team I got up against in open beta and both sides were running single hero teams for the lols. It was amussing, but got old pretty quick, IMO.


A good Junk Rat could make those Reinhardts have a bad day.


You mayhaps underestimate the terror of 6 Reinhardts charging one after the other; it’s pretty scary. We actually won (barely) with 6 Hanzos that round thanks to strong flanking :wink:


I play as Junkrat fairly often and find him pretty effective. I didn’t know until yesterday that you can use his explosive to launch yourself into high places.


i’ve done 6 torbs, other team quit within a few minutes


Anyone else feel like Hanzo is OP? I’m watching my kill cams and wither 50% of the kills are either pure skill, or pure luck…either way, I feel like his arrows are 10ft wide.


Hanzo can be brutal, but he pales in comparison to a good Widowmaker, IMO. At least we Hanzo players have to think ahead and make predictions with our shots; Widowmaker is literally just point and click (and she can defend herself better if you get in her face, and she’s got better repositioning potential if she’s found).



It depends on team composition (imagine that), in my opinion. Hanzo provides much better overall team support with his sonic arrow since Widowmaker’s infra-sight is her ultimate.

I feel like Widowmaker is supposed to be the camping sniper with her venom mine while Hanzo should be the sniper constantly moving with his passive climbing ability.


2 Reinhardts, 2 bastions, 2 mercy. Reinhardts switch shields when at 50% and mercys heal any damage that might through and of course boost the bastions.


Played my least favorite team so far yesterday: 4 Junk Rats, 1 Lucio, 1 Tracer. It was supposed king of the hill on Lijiang Tower but it felt more like “Holy shit the world is exploding! Where the fuck did that Tracer come from/go!?”

We lost.


Came across this chunk of Overwatch gold.
Thought you all might enjoy it.


PSA: Junkrat traps will use health kits when damaged, so place the trap on top of a popular health kit used by enemy flankers.
This way if they run for the health kit without noticing it, they get trapped, but if they try to destroy it, the damaged trap will immediately use the health kit (which most likely they were there to use it) delaying them or allowing your team to finish them off.
So it is mostly a Win/Win scenario.
Source: https://youtu.be/T7HdUq3B5GA?t=269


This is a great trick for Torbjorn turrets as well :wink:


that 6 mercies comp is pretty annoying RIP


Worst I ever played was 4 tracers and 2 lucios on ilios I felt like I trying to fight a swarm of bees