Overwatch Developer Update #Mercyisanewhero



This Mercy update could result in a big change to the way Overwatch is played. I absolutely hate how Mercy players tend to hide behind a wall, let all 5 teammates die, then fly in to hit that ultimate button.


I really like the idea of having to select one target to revive. But will it cause people to scream more because “You rezzed Junkrat instead of me!!”?

Also, will having the revive ability more readily available cause Mercy to be picked even more than she is already?


I don’t think so, considering how much she’s already played. I think the changes to the beams (specifically the chaining) might keep her from falling out of grace, and it makes her able to join the “everybody ult” pushes/defenses.

Many Mercy players will be salty, many not-Mercy players will be happy; overall, I think it’s a good change.


I will be anxious to see how Mercy’s ult-chaining damage buff to team works along with Orisa’s damage buff ulimatet.


I want to see how an Ana boosted, Orisa boosted, and Mercy boosted Zaria at 100% will melt a team. The damage is going to be insane. This is a huge change though. I just wish they would have left her the way she is and made her new ability into a new hero. They could have done some sort of grave digger hero and people would have been really happy. We need more support options.


How about, stay with me, we just make a bunch more Offense heroes instead?




MOTHER FUCKIN YES!!! This is perfect, I’m tired of mercy idiots only rezing for 3 or more. I’ll freakin solo rez if it will finish a push, this is gonna be great! Besides, being able to heal everyone super fast if they’re grouped together is just better than a rez because they are still fighting. I’m so fucking hyped. sorry about the language, I love mercy only slightly less than junkrat… which is alot…


PTR Mercy:


I played a bit of the PTR. I dont like the D.va ability feels crappy. I dont know we will see. I was really liking the deathmatch. I was destroying everyone. I’m hoping to finish this season at Platinum.


I played both mercy and diva, I think the changes are perfectly suited for the characters. Diva needed that extra umph to actually finish kills and mercy needed to come out of the shadows, so much fun. Also, diva being able to shoot while boosting makes a much bigger difference than I thought it would