Overwatch Heading to China


Interesting update for Overwatch

NetEase, which is one of the online game operators in China, bought a 3 year license from Blizzard to operate Overwatch servers in China.

Their master plan is to release the game under their servers to attract FPS players with the hopes that those players will switch from Crossfire to Overwatch.

For some context: Crossfire has been the goliath of FPS for China for years (don’t know an exact number.) Crossfire eSports is a big deal over there with players making actual salaries. The game is operated and has servers under Tencent (another online game operator.) Also, the graphics for the game are like years old Counter Strike graphics.

Also, NetEase runs the servers for World of Warcraft in China.

So this basically means that NetEase are looking to compete with Tencent in the hopes that Chinese FPS players will switch to a Blizzard made game (Overwatch) since they found great success with WoW (who had major praise from players.)

Original article: http://www.scmp.com/tech/apps-gaming/article/1829198/overwatch-deal-chinas-netease-throws-down-gauntlet-rival-tencent