Overwatch Highlight/PotG Thread

Show us your best highlights so far! Or the best you’ve found!

Here is a recent D’Va match of mine:


Some miscellaneous highlights and whatnot from the first few days, featuring plays by @Biggles7268, @teh_ninjaneer (Arkamedeez), @senNish, and myself.


Torb turret is the real playmaker.


some great highlights. best part was:
Sennish: "too bad they don’t give POTG for rezzes"
Sennish: “oh maybe they do!”


nice vid! I had to stop watching because it just makes me want to play, lol.

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Love this. I need to get recording set up on my PC. What do you use?


i don’t know what @Auth uses, but there are several pretty good alternatives. OBS is great. If you have an nvidia video card, the Shadowplay stuff works pretty good. Even windows 10 has record feature built in. I’ve never used the latter, but I’m sure it’s pretty easy to figure out.

And I noticed there’s a “highlights” section in the in-game menu. I haven’t checked that out yet, but @auth, is this how you went back and recorded the stuff? I’m assuming you didn’t record the whole session and then go back and edit.

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Highlights provides your own personal Play of the Game for each match, even if yours wasn’t the “best” PotG for that particular match. I think it saves the last four matches.

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So, most of those clips were actually recorded during live play (hence all the voice chatter), but the last few that lack music are from the Highlights menu in Overwatch (they were from Monday when I didn’t have my recording software going). The Highlight menu stores 5 replays of yours, but it’s not always the 5 most recent games (I have no idea what the algorithm is that determines which ones to hold onto and which to ditch). Presently, you cannot export them in any way and they get wiped as soon as you close Overwatch (allegedly they’re working on this).

For capture, I have my laptop setup with an Elgato HD60 which gets the audio and video from my HDMI matrix; I use a separate mic from the one I use on my gaming rig to grab my voice. I basically set it up and let it run the whole time I’m playing (I have a 6TB capacity external RAID 5) and keep a notepad file open on my main rigs second monitor; if something neat happened, I just jot the timestamp down along with a quick note of what it was so I can easily find it later :wink:

This is definitely a valid option for a single-rig situation.

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I purchased a 2TB external for the purpose of recording gameplay. My intent was to use Nvidia Shadowplay for capture. A poor man’s setup I guess. Mediocre.

My only problem is I’m not sure what type of editing/compression software would be best to use. Do you have any suggestions?

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I tried a test game using shadowplay 1440p@60 and it had zero effect on my 90fps. So I guess that’s what I’ll use going forward.


Since I’m in college, I have the student discount for Adobe products, and one of the ones I selected was Premier Pro (which is way more intense than what you need). You can honestly just use Windows Movie Maker (I used to use it all the time) to edit down to what you want. As for compression, make it equivalent to the source recording (however high you can get the quality) because YouTube will compress it to its specifications regardless of the original file; the better file you give YouTube, the better it will look after YouTube works its magic.

Bonus fun video about how YouTube does compression as well as a ELI5 on bitrate:

This just happened earlier today:


Fixed that for you…

I’ve been out of school for years, still have adobe student discount. :slight_smile: Don’t tell.

I’m gonna!

I wish I did… and because I don’t, may have to use blackmail.


Went AFK after this match was won, so couldn’t get a full share clip. Had to grab from the highlight, which removed the last kill and team kill announcement. Perfectly timed Ultimate though?

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Mei’s ult: return to sender :wink:


That’s weird with the Mei ult. I didn’t even know she could throw it that far. Every time I try she just pitches it about 3 feet in front of her.

New Mei players don’t realize how far you can lob that thing; most of them want to be right on top of it to get all their sweet, free headshots. It can actually be tossed a pretty fair distance.

Just thought of this: it might also have to do that so often Mei is engaged at really close range because of her freeze’s range, hence why the threats they’re addressing are often very close to them.

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