Overwatch League Season 2 Contest Megathread


Season 2 is upon us!

Technically it’s upon us as of last week. I’ve had a few folks wondering if we were spinning up the contest again this year, and the answer was “yeah, obviously, I just need to run it past the boss-man,” which I did (3 weeks ago) and got the green light (…also 3 weeks ago).

Nailed it.

Much like last season, Stage 1 is our chance to get to know our teams all over again (there are so many changes and new additions since the inaugural season, nevermind the game itself). Starting in Stage 2, we’ll have a contest not unlike what we did previously, but this season we’re going to try to ramp it up even more! As the season carries on, everything you’ll need to know will be in this thread’s OP; whenever I post a big update, I’ll be sure to float it for maximum visibility.

Stage 1 - Show Your Support!

Courtesy of The Mad AI himself, we’ve got a whole slew of new forum badges for all the Overwatch League teams! These are only going to be handed out through this thread (1 per user), and can be used as a title to show your support for your favorite OWL team. Once Season 2 comes to an end, they’ll no longer be acquirable, so get 'em while they’re hot! To claim a forum badge for your team of choice, simply drop a reply and let me know which team you root for. If you have a custom forum title of some sort and want to retain it along with your team affiliation (see my title as an example), make a note of that and I’ll handle the magic.

Stage 2 - Return of the Polls

That’s right, last Season’s poll-based contest format (complete with a :moneybag: $20 Blizzard Gift Card :moneybag:) is back. Pick the team you think will win in the polls as they go live each week or just pick randomly for a shot at the prize (March Madness might be coming to an end, but Team Chaos caries on).

Check out the contest thread here for more details and all the polls.

Here’s to another great season of OWL!

#TexasHard #AnteUp



Outlaw me.

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Woot! I love clicking buttons at random!

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Ain’t nothing going to stop the Vancouver Titans, eh! The #ForceOfNature is strong.

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@Bradum should I assume you want the Shanghai Dragons badge?

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I think I need to find a new team after this whole sex-slave lady and Robert Kraft thing came out. Gotta figure out who to pick.



I can make a recommendation. :wink:



Stage 2 contest thread is live!

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