Overwatch Mei Short


Overwatch’s newest short features Mei and hits right in the feels. Never have i gotten goosebumps in ten minutes.


There’s something in my eye…


So, speaking honestly (and ignoring the fake 21:9 resolution) this was the least-impressive video they’ve done so far, to me. Like, the story is interesting, but the pacing was awful. I’m usually a bit of a sap, but my heartstrings weren’t even remotely plucked by this video because I never had a chance to get invested in any portion of it before it rushed me onto the next bit; they tried to cram way too much into such a short video, and it pales in comparison to Dragons or The Last Bastion (my 2 favorites) as a result.

Neat concept and story, poor execution, IMO.


edit: yea, I feel the same way…


I will not stand for this! Every video Blizzard puts out is the all time best video.


You can write me all about it on your Blizzard notepad when you get back from vacation :wink:


Pretty sure the Overwatch game has always had fake 21:9 resolution.

Or maybe I don’t understand what you are referencing.