Overwatch New Character Orisa!



Still watching this, thought I’d post cause I’m an excited nerd.


Right now I’m just not excited.

My placement matches went rough this season. Started out 4-0-1 then lost the next 5 in a row. Placed about 1620, 300 less than where I ended S3.

My main problem with the placement matches was Bastion. He was a presence in almost every game and absolutely destroyed my teams. Yet no one ever bothered to target him or even select a hero to counter him. I ended up having to focus him as Zenyatta, since I usually played support in my matches.

This new hero looks to me like a Bastion Booster. I feel like she will replace Reinhardt as the main protector of Bastion. She can place her shield (900 hp I think, compared to Rein’s 2000) yet still provide damage, where Rein can do nothing but protect. Her RMB will neatly place enemies in Bastion’s sights. Her ultimate is a huge boost to Bastion.

Not excited.


The ranking system is weak IMO. They rely too much on the previous season, unless that has changed. I am not able to play with some friends that are 1k below me. Ruins the fun IMO :frowning:.


Yea, I had alot of fun during the placement, paired up with people that knew what they were doing and things were light hearted. As soon as I got placed, it’s back to toxic land full of ignorance. Gonna try new character on per tonight after birthing class, I think tonight is the dreaded videos my wife says I have to watch…

Yea, bastion survives so much, they shouldn’t have put the buff in the same day as placement matches, people who know how to use him are unstoppable and people who don’t know how to use him lose the game because their convinced he’s open now. He can survive pretty much everything, I mean just about every ult and a full clip from anyone. They’ll fix it but the timing right on the beginning of season 4 was not smart


I agree with the Bastion problem. Here is the statement of Blizzard regarding it.

The meat an potatoes of the statement.

“I want to share my personal opinion on Bastion (which is dangerous because I know I am a spokesperson for the game). I play every night. I’m playing both Quick Play and Competitive (I played 2 games of CTF to get my loot box). Over the past few nights I’ve played with, as and against Bastion. My perception is that he is a little too powerful right now. In particular, in one match I was playing Bastion and the enemy Tracer was trying to hunt me down. The Tracer player was clearly a better player than I am – a very skilled individual. I relied heavily on my self-heal and the Tracer could not finish me off. But I was able to kill Tracer in recon mode almost through attrition. This part felt wrong to me. But a lot of the feedback I read feels wildly blown out of proportion. Bastion isn’t the “I Win button” and he can be focused and countered. When a team is coordinated, he is far scarier than when a team is just playing a pick-up/deathmatch style of play – and I’ve witnessed both over the past few nights. I think complaints and praise of Bastion are both valid. I don’t think he’s perfect yet. But I do think there is a high amount of hyperbole around this particular situation.”