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Wanted to make a new Topic to post the news about upcoming updates and changes to Overwatch. In adition to this new topic we got some good ones out there made by our awesome Strats members that you should check out of you haven’t yet:

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So in a recent Q&A with Overwatch’s game director, Jeff Kaplan, there was some interesting talk about the competitive aspect of Overwatch.

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I think it is pretty good that they will allow us to Queue with any number of player in a group and how it will Dynamically matchmake and reward the players.

Also McCree nerf incoming sooner than D.Va!

Overall is a really good read with some interesting information. What do you guy think about the competitive aspect that is coming?

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God, McCree…please nerf.

I hope that they don’t allow duplicate heroes on the same team in Competitive. Ranked modes can be bad enough without having to deal with cheese comps while you’re at it.

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I do follow the competitive aspect of Overwatch. At first, they did allow it. But since a couple weeks ago they now wont allow the same Hero on the same team.

Now for the actual game competitive aspect, i don’t know if while in Queue one can pick the same Hero. I hope they don’t allow it. There must be some grounds rules for this.

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I don’t agree with this. You’re removing a core aspect of the game. If one team chooses to field 6 McCree’s then the opposing team must properly counter it.


Can not agree more with this.


I can see the sense of that. You do make a good point.

But personally, I would rather have matches with balanced teams that cover several roles than have teams steamroll with a 1 trick comp and force my team to counter with a 1 trick comp.

But you’re right. That is part of the nature of the game.

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I agree that the game is more enjoyable to me with a balanced team. But that’s not how the game was designed. Which is the right way to play?

I watched some of the matches on GosuGamers last weekend when they enforced the rule of no duplicate heroes on a team. Many viewers were not happy and I’m not sure if the players were happy about it either since double-McCree and double-Winston is a thing in competitive play right now. But I know there was one match on Gibraltar, I believe, that was probably one of the best matches I’ve ever seen. Lasted a very long time and came right down to the wire.

Was that a result of two evenly matched teams or because of their rule?

Having non duplicate in competitive play is no new rule. I belive this is the case in most moba. I would agree that having only one on a team is perfectly fine. I mean seriously did they bring out the cloning machine with 6 McCrees.

But Overwatch is not a MOBA. You’re trying to compare it to draft mode of a MOBA when they are different instances.

Overwatch allows swapping of heroes at multiple points in the match: You can swap on character death or you can walk back into the spawn point and switch. In a MOBA you’re locked into your character for the duration of the match.

Character swapping and multiple characters on a team is part of the base game in Overwatch.

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Just cause i’m comparing it to a moba does not mean that not having duplicate characters in competitive play is not a viable option.

Frankly i don’t care one way or another cause it doesn’t not effect me one bit but if they were to make that a rule for competitive play i would enjoy it just as much if not more than seeing 6 McCrees on a map.

And just cause it allows for swaping in game doesn’t mean that it’s a must to have multiple characters. There is a wide birth a character in each class that a person can switch to if their tactics aren’t working.

The only exception that i would note is that if there can only be one character for both team, such as if tracer is picked by one team the other team couldn’t pick tracer, i think that would be a little much. Other than that, i don’t see any reason for there to be one character limit for each team.

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Its no longer allowed. At least in the tournament currently ongoing by Gosugamers. Something Cloud9 was angry about because they used some cheap team comp with 2 Tracers or something like that haha.


I guess we have to wait word from Blizzard about what the official rules would be for official Blizzard tournaments.

But i say NO to a team with same Heroes!


Here is the current Ruleset they are using for the tournament


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I think of it like most MOBA formats: you can have multiple instances of the same character in some formats, but not the competitive modes; I’m in favor of 6 different heroes for competitive play, personally. There are specific heroes on specific maps that are more impactful than others due to their skill set or the layout, so keeping that in check seems like a good thing.

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rage quitters bother me, not because they cause imbalance and make you lose, but because I’ve been brought in at the end of games with seconds left on the team that has already lost. Tonight, I was was brought in and didn’t even get to pick a character before the Defeat sign popped up.


Yep, had that happen a time or two.

Wow…that is a very very smart way of trying to limit the amount of rage quitters. I would love for other games to use this practice.

I actually had to stop playing League of Legends because of there leaving policies. They would ban you if you left in the middle of like 5 games a month. That is just an unrealistic expectation for most people. I read many an article about people who had issues with it due to being volunteer fire fighters and other obligations. I think that an exp hit is a smart way to approach this situation, especially when it’s link to the last 20 games. If you have a particularly bad time and have to leave a few times you can make it up in a days of games.

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People are reporting that the punish for quitters is not working. No official word on this yet.

just a guess, but xp does mean much to me, and I’m pretty sure when someone’s rage quitting, xp doesn’t mean much to them either. If they are going to stick with the XP thing, they should reward players for not quitting early, that approach worked with the “resting” mechanic in WoW. If they make the current xp earning the bonus and make the current penalty the regular then people will feel like the are missing out if they arent completely games rather than being penalized for quitting. I think it would work. The part I’m talking about starts at about 3 min