Overwatch [PS4] Tonight 05/27/16


Is anyone else currently playing overwatch on the ps4? I’m looking to play a few games tonight and over the weekend and have found it to be a lot more fun with others. Being able to coordinate abilities and pick complementary heros takes stratagy to a whole new level. Something rather difficult to pull of with pugs.




I’ll be on till like 3AM. Starting… now.


Late to the game, I know, but I’ve got the game and will play whenever. PSN: XtasyArmada


I didnt see you on at all Mr.


It’s because he doesn’t read; he’s on PC :wink:


That’s what I thought. I wish some of you ps4 clowns would be playing on it. I enjoyed the beta but not going to buy it without a strong ps4 group.


I was ready to get it on my Mac, but then turns out it’s not releasing on Mac. Gonna have to wait until i build my PCMR.