Overwatch - Server Browser Developer Update



File this under the never judge a video by it’s thumbnail category.

While the announcement of the server browser is nothing new (it was actually shared at BlizzCon), Jeff Kaplan drops a few other fun tidbits in his latest Developer Update.

And as I know some of you would rather read a few bullet points than watch a 9 minute video, here’s my tl;dr version (left out things I didn’t think were that important):

  • Implementation of the Server Browser - there will be many different filter types (map, mode, rules, etc.) AND ability to use keyword searches.
  • Custom Game Improvements - much more feature customization will now be available. This will range from modes, to game rules, to player rules (an example was 1 Roadhog assigned at random that has mega HP versus a team of 6).
  • CTF - it’s here to stay and will reside in custom games.
  • Custom Games will grant XP - this is big. This means you will be rewarded with XP & loot boxes when you play custom games.

Jeff also hinted that Blizzard will be watching custom games closely to look at making user developed game modes become Blizz supported game modes.


um, excuse me, it’s CTR, not CTF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Waiting for inevitable Dinoflask video, will post when it’s up


While I would normally be willing to concede the point, I did allude to this in my earlier post… not sayin’, just sayin’. :wink:




it’s fun, but I’d trade it for something like junkenstien’s revenge any day


yea, haven’t played competitive for a month, tried playing today, my rank is full of actual beginners, some of them don’t know things like maps, character abilities, basic mechanics of the game… I killed 30 people in the first 3 minutes of one game with pharah (I suck with pharah) and we ended up losing that match because people at that rank look like they are just starting out in the FPS genre… Ended up losing even more rank, now I’m there with mouth breathers… there was a mouth breather on the mic… not joking


I hate when that happens