Overwatch - Symmetra Resdesign



Fresh off the YouTubes is a Developer Update on Symmetra:

It seems Blizzard has decided that Symmetra wasn’t meant to be a situational hero and as such, they’ve decided to make a few changes (as outlined in the video).

If you’re too lazy to watch it, here’s the tl;dr:

  • New Ultimate Ability - first hero with a second optional ultimate. First (teleporter) will remain. The optional ult will be a shield generator to provide a significant buff to entire team within a large area of effect that doesn’t require line of sight.
  • Photon Barrier (new ability) - replacing the shields you can provide, you can now launch a mobile photon barrier similar to the shield that Reinhardt has.
  • Sentry Turrets - you can now bank up to 6 turrets instead of the previous 3. The cooldown will shrink from 12 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Primary & Secondary Fire - slight buffs to both Primary (small increase to distance that beam travels to lock on).

They also announced that the new Oasis map will be available in the PTR (alongside these Symmetra changes) & a new social update to request that people stay with group at the end of a match.


inb4 “Why did you use that ultimate?! This garbage Symmetra player…”

I thought he said only a slight range extension to primary fire; I didn’t hear anything about secondary.


This is why Blizzard is Blizzard. It seems trivial when presented in this frank way but being able to ditch the time investment and do a real redesign like this takes courage. Especially to market it as such.


I may have misheard that part - will give it another listen to clarify. Just knew that it wasn’t a significant shift.



great enhancements, can’t wait to see them in practice, would rather them had left primary fire alone and made secondary fire something usable, at least made it a little faster or something. I’m excited to try her out


I dunno man, I get a lot of kills with that secondary; if they did anything to it it might have gone whole hog. I would regularly get 3-5 player hits with full-charged shots, almost every shot, as folks tried to advance through choke points behind their trusty Reinhardt; imagine the terror if they did buff it o.O


I second this about Symmetra’s secondary. Since it travels through everything it’s great to use when defending the gates on King’s Row or Hanamura.


I don’t disagree that it has a use, my problem is that the other close range characters have a movement ability or shield to make encounters with mid to long range enemies survivable - changing up the secondary at least a little would have been a nice substitute. Not a big deal though, still super excited to play her


Symmetra was added to the PTR last night.

Her new E ability, the moving barrier, seems to continue traveling in a straight line until it hits a wall or is destroyed. It has a 10 sec cooldown.

Starting the match with all 6 turrets is pretty groovy. If you place them all at once, it seems like the cooldown for #1 is up as soon as you place #6, meaning you are ready to place another one after your initial 6 are used.

I think the shield generator will be a great addition for times when the teleporter just isn’t practical. It provides 75 shields. Seems nifty when defending that last point.


Redesign looks great. Hopefully she will actually be useful now.