Overwatch vs Battleborn


For those that were fortunate to get into the beta tests… if you’ve played one of both… what are some things you love and hate about the game(s)? Do you think one will strongly overshadow the other? I haven’t tested either game and was wondering which one to pick up (first?) or if both are equally great… Share your thoughts…


Why are you trying to compare the two? They’re not the same thing.

Overwatch is more similar to Team Fortress 2. Teams of 6 players each play king of the hill, or push a payload, etc.

Battleborn is something unique in itself. There will be a single player or co-op story mode. Their multiplayer is 5v5 and will feature multiple modes such as capture-and-hold against each other, or a MOBA like mode where you fight against minions while trying to destroy the other team’s base.

In my opinion, Overwatch will overshadow Battleborn because Battleborn just isn’t well known. When you visit their forums there isn’t a lot of traffic. And the two games are often incorrectly compared to each other, just like above, when they really have little in common other than being released a few weeks apart.


I ask mainly because they are often compared to each other and are both releasing close to each other as well… They’re similar in some ways and different in others. Both look appealing to me honestly. I’ll have to try them out in the beginning of May for myself.


Yea, I think if Battleborn weren’t releasing so close to a new Blizzard game that is similar, there’d be much more traffic their way. Unfortunately, right around the time they both released their first trailers, Battleborn I think released a fun intro with tons of explosions and some super alpha gameplay, which is fine. Overwatch basically just put out a HIGHLY effective cinematic teaser (blizzard is arguably one of the best in the business with regards to teasers). So really, Battleborn wasn’t doomed from the start, but they certainly were really unlucky to lose their hype from the beginning to Blizzard :frowning:


Yeah, I’ve seen both trailers,the animated Overwatch trailer that released yesterday was pure quality… Like a Big Hero 6 short or something… The other thing here is Battleborn was technically first to announce their new game and Blizzard being the heavyweight’s that they are… announce their game 2nd and totally snowball the whole thing…

Now, I know Gearbox has not had the best track record aside from the Borderlands series… and I know its way too early to pick a winner between the two (honestly, both games looks very fun in their own right). I am just wanting to hear some feedback from people that have played one or both of the tests for these games… We will all get our chances to play both in May, especially with Overwatch launching their Open Beta on the release day for Battleborn (:eyes: Blizzard)


Battleborn will have an open beta on the PS4 in a few weeks. Not sure if there will be a beta for all platforms.

Previously, Battleborn held a technical alpha back in October of last year maybe? It’s been a while. It only lasted a couple days. I don’t think it’s fair to compare that alpha version to the current version of Overwatch which is just a few weeks away from being “feature complete” and going gold. It’s difficult to know what has changed for Battleborn.

Twitch broadcaster StealthShampoo has been given an early copy of Battleborn and permission to show the game. You can see some of his recent streams.


In my opinion the direct competitor to Overwatch is Paladins.

While I haven’t played overwatch, what I’ve played of Paladins has been a lot of fun.


I played some paladins, enjoyed it, and yes it is more similar to overwatch than battleborn is. Paragon is a non-stylized competitor also. I honestly haven’t been as excited about new games as I have been in the last like 5 months for several years prior


Has anyone here played either Overwatch and/or Battleborn though? I am more looking for a small review on either or both…


Yes. Both.

Edit - Check out Battleborn on Twitch. Seems several of the cool streamers have copies of the game now.


Ah ok, cool… Were there some things you liked/disliked about both games? Are you going to be playing either one when they release? I saw some open beta’s are coming soon…


Battleborn had a few troubles in their technical alpha. The game was delayed because of it (it was supposed to release in February).

Battleborn is a much deeper game than Overwatch. You can level up each character (during each match just like a MOBA as well as a much larger account-wide system), select items and loadouts for your character during a match which will increase attack speed/damage, reload speed, things like that. It’s set up more like a Borderlands team shooter or MOBA.

Overwatch, as I said previously, is closer to Team Fortress 2. It’s much easier to load up the game and jump into a match. You are not dedicated to a single character for an entire match; when you die you can change characters to adjust to whom the enemy has selected. You can collect cosmetic items for the characters but there is no “building” in that game.

I will likely purchase Battleborn on the PS4 and Overwatch on PC. I’ve enjoyed playing Overwatch during the beta and I like having all my Blizzard games on PC. I will make my final decision on Battleborn once I’ve played the open beta in a few weeks.


I am an unashamed Blizzard fanboy, so I will be buying and playing Overwatch before Battleborn. What I have seen from the streams between the two games, Overwatch is more my style of game. Not to take anything away from Battleborn, as it does look really nice and seems to play well. I am just in the mood for another team based shooter like TF2, which is essentially the nuts and bolts of Overwatch.