Overwatch - Year in Review PLUS New Map



Only a week off the YouTubes is a Developer Year-in-Review Update on the game:

And for those without 12 minutes on their hands, here’s mytl;dr version (left out things I didn’t think were that important) of what Jeff Kaplan said is in store for 2017:

  • Seasonal Events - enjoy creating them & have quite a few more in the can. Some obvious, some will be a surprise.
  • Oasis (New Map) - early 2017 release. RELEASED TODAY
  • Communication Wheel Customization - adding a control scheme that will add up to four additional voice lines or emotes. You will also be able to setup bindings that trigger voicelines/emotes. A spray wheel will also be added to allow up to four different sprays.
  • New Heroes - multiple new heroes are being worked on for 2017.
  • New Maps - multiple new maps are in development cycle, some closer to release than others. Some are also quite experimental right now with new game modes. Could be full release, could be an arcade option.
  • eSports Integration - possible inclusion of spectator modes that also provide a viewer map.
  • Custom Game Browser - working on a server browser to see public custom games that are available. This was announced at BlizzCon and the hope is to have a 1.0 release early in 2017.


This new map also introduces a new style of gameplay often referred to as Control/Domination/KotH. While I didn’t get a chance to give the test server version a try, the launch version is apparently somewhat different due to feedback given during the PTR.

And it’s available TODAY on PC, PS4 and XB1!