OWL Gear Sale, apparently



This may be old news but I just noticed that most OWL gear is 50%-ish off on the Blizz store right now: https://gear.blizzard.com/us/esports/overwatchleague


I couldn’t justify $120, but $42 is a number I can get behind (read: wife will allow):


I went LON + SF


Vocino, what have you done?!

EDIT: Ended up grabbing an orange OWL shirt, and the cheap versions of HOU and LAV shirts.


OWL Swag. Straight from the bag, hence the wrinkles. Please disregard the hair, I didn’t do it today and I look like 1970s Christopher Lloyd after a trim.

Orange OWL shirt is M, fits true-to-size. It’s a bit thin, which is why you can see my tank underneath. Given the logo’s size and placement, probably not an issue. This shirt is machine wash cold, and have a screen-printed care tag in the back neck, for extra comfort. Really a well-made and comfortable shirt, especially for the price.

Team shirts are L, so you can see they run a little small compared to the league shirt. Still a little big-- you can see it’s got kind of a “ship’s sail” thing going on around my midsection. I’m hoping I can shrink them slightly via washing, as I prefer my shirts a little more snug. These shirts are hand wash. They have a fabric tag that seems to have nothing but the league logo, size, and trademark information on it. The care tag is really long-- it’s like the CVS receipt of care tags. Probably because it has ALL THE LANGUAGES on it.

Build quality seems good, especially for the price point (and extra especially for the discounted price). I reckon the wrinkles will go away with a wash and dry.


Dat middle picture doe


Got all excited at the title because I thought it was about owls. I’ve never been interested in watching other people play Overwatch.


It’s not just other people. It’s the best people.


“Moooom, they’re doing it again!”

More stuff discounted. Same shirts, also hats and the ‘performance sweater’ (high-collar zip-up), maybe some other stuff.

I’d be into the zip-up if I could afford it and if it weren’t a billion degrees here.


Finally had a cold snap last week so I could rock the full outfit; @Auth likey:


If that was a Vancouver “whatever they will be called” jacket, I’d be jealous.


That Toronto color scheme tho


Pretty damn solid.