Paladins Battlegrounds?


Not interested in PUBG cause I think it’s a crap game, but THIS may actually be interesting, thoughts?

I want hero shooters to make the transition to large world PvE… you know, better than Destiny of course… Ready for Overwatch to step out of it’s little PvP box :frowning:


I believe that was attempted with Agents of Mayhem. That game was, unfortunately, a huge flop.


looks interesting i’ll give it a try


They started too big, should have started smaller scale like overwatch and branched out. Have to get people interested in your characters and the lore before you can make a big world to mess around in. Warframe did well when it introduced large areas to mess around in, it focused on mechanics and story before going bigger. I think the only thing keeping Overwatch from doing anything like that for a few years is their focus on esports, they won’t do anything crazy until that’s nailed down pretty solid.


Hey, interesting video!